The Last Western You Watched? ver.2.0

I recently saw Nevada Smith on Arte, German spoken. I found the movie incoherent and McQueen unsuitable for the main part. Not looking like a young half breed to be believable. Also the people met on his revenge journey are too much focused on the story to make them coincidence. Not a movie I would visit again.


Just finished re-watching Execution. The 2nd time around the film moved at a better pace, and actually isn’t as bad as I initially remembered. It’s definitely not Essential Top 20 or Alternative Top 20 material, but is entertaining enough.

Still not a fan of how director/co-writer Paolella chose to end the film, it would’ve been better had he just finished it with Bill Coler riding off after making sure the gold was returned and bidding farewell to his brother as he’s hauled off to jail. Instead they add this unnecessary bit of Bill finding Burt hit his head on a rock and died not long later after being thrown from the wagon, and Bill having this bizarre mental breakdown, even though Burt essentially betrayed him for the gold.

Finally got to watch the film on the Koch DVD, and the quality is actually a little better than the Films&Clips YouTube channel copy, though I imagine it is the Koch print they use.

Not an SW for everybody, but it does have its moments.


Finally watched Apocalypse Joe with Anthony Steffen… Pretty decent letterbox print, as for the movie… Loved it

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It’s a fun little Steffen flick. The climax is basically a 30-minute gun fight.