The Last Western You Watched? ver.2.0

Saw it a special screening for a birthday treat Runner. It was brilliant. The cinema experience is totally different from watching it on the telly. It actually felt shorter for some reason.

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I rewatched I CAME I SAW I SHOT, Enzo G. Castellari’s comedy capers western starring Frank Wolff, John Saxon and Antonio Sabàto.

Well, I can’t say it’s a good movie - it simply isn’t - but I’ve watched so many bottem of the barrel spaghs over the past few years, that this one felt like a relief. At least it has a certain flow and some of the jokes work (for a change),_I_saw,_I_shot_review

Is that another name for ONE DOLLAR TOO MANY or a different film entirely?

Same film

Thanks man!!
Got it. I actually like this one.

McCabe and Mrs Miller

Bit of a snoozefest, besides the Leonard Cohen soundtrack.

Really? I like that film a lot.

I like the setting, but the plot and screenplay didn’t do much for me.

Fair enough. I’ll have to give it another watch but I thought it was great the last few times I’ve watched it.

I felt that way when watched it. A thought it was a bit sleazy.

This is one of many westerns I need to watch just to see if my opinion has changed.

People have compared it to The Great Silence, and have sometimes said it’s superior. So I really wanted to love it.

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Any similarities apart from the snow totally escaped me Dean.

A snowy western I did enjoy recently is Day of the Outlaw (1959) - 4/5

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I will check it out.

McCabe and Mrs.Miller is just like TGS a seminal western, and is meanwhile often viewed as one of the genre’s most important films. Alas not for me, and I prefer TGS, which should have a similar reputation, and which is for me one of the most important westerns, more than McCabe and Mrs.Miller.

Apart from both being rather pessimistic and unusual westerns in a snowy setting, I don’t see that much connections between both. Altman’s film has more fleshed out characters, is created to work against the genre mythology, while Corbucci works more with genre stereotypes and caricatures, but what he does with this material makes it for me the more daring work of the two.

But to give you all here some stuff for heavy discussions, I think that it is McCabe and Mrs.Miller which is an anti-western (one of a few), and TGS is not one (despite the ending), and it is McCabe and Mrs.Miller who features a kind of an anti-hero, while the protagonist of TGS is a more a typical hero, a tragic one of course, one who fails, but still in his failing he remains the hero of the story.

On the character of Silence I don’t agree he is a typical hero or anti hero. I think he is a horrible man. Loco and the bounty hunters are sadistic murderers they take pleasure in the slaughter. But Silence punishes leaving men maimed and goads men into gunfights they will lose. He does this in a colder fashion with no discernable emotion. his humanity and heroism come to late when he tries to defend the town and is killed.

When he dies I am not sure if I have absolved him of his past actions and see him as a tragic hero. That is part of the power of the film and character for me.

Excellent film, beautiful black-and-white photography. DeToth’s The Bounty Hunter is not bad either.

It even has its own thread.

The Last Killer - 6.5/10

Entertaining stuff from Vari, much thanks to a strong performance Ghidra and one convincing enough from Eastman. The story reminds me a lot of Day of Anger and Ghidra suits his part as an retiring gunfighter very well. Eastman as a Mexican is not ideal but it works. Very good ending!

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Thanks Stanton!