The Last Western You Watched? ver.2.0

Quell and Co. I was reluctant to give this one a try because I thought it would be terrible. Turned out to be pretty enjoyable. It felt more like a TV film but it was apparently shown on cinemas.


The Machine Gun Killers.

Loved this one, well directed, nice locations, good story, tasty SW-action. I can see why some people don’t like it. First hour is quite slow but I don’t mind. Big fan of Thriller SWs. 4/5 for me!

Rough Night in Jericho. Pretty solid

Watched my Requiem for Gringo blu-ray, and it was so weird watching this film in good quality.

Really good SW, despite Lang Jeffries :sleeping:


I wonder do the BBFC know about that poncho !? :laughing:


“We jumped into Bill & Ted’s phonebox and went back to witness the skinning there and then. We decided the leopard didn’t feel enough pain for us to censor the poncho.”


Sancho and the black leather villain is the stars in this movie! The blu ray is fantastic but the gunshots sounds a bit thin, don’t they?

Yeah the gunshots sound worse than usual SW gunshots, and that is saying something.

The leather-clad gunman is great, he reminds me of Jack Palance in Shane. Lang Jeffries just sucks. Nuff said.

I think his dub is a bit annoying, that’s part of what makes him a bit weak for me. Anthony Steffen or George Hilton would be perfect for this role. Still love this one though!

I re-watched

Black Jack

Kill Them All and Come Back Alone

And Now… Make Your Peace with God

Blood River

Buckaroo - The Winchester Does Not Forgive

Escondido a.k.a. A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die


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I understand your appreciation for A minute to pray, a second to die. Wonderful, melancholic movie, but I do not understand the relatively low marks for Bandidos. What did/didn’t you like ?

The target shooting component, in particular. Secondarily, a couple of performers (Jenkins and M. Martin).

But three stars, that’s not a bad rating… :slightly_smiling_face:

Jenkins is indeed bad. Apparently he was a model, not an actor and was held for somebody else by the producers

So - please don’t mock me - I saw Viva Maria! for the first time… on BluRay. Quite the fun flick… but really not a western in any sense…

Done watching Broken Trail. It was a great western TV film.

Hostiles (2018) Scott Cooper
I’ve mixed feelings about this modern western with Christian Bale, it keep me stuck to the screen and while you’re watching it’s easy to like, following the story till the end, the worst part came while you start thinking about what you have just seen.
It works as a road movie with a strong redemption plot that is the heart of the film.
The acting is top notch, Bale is probably the best mainstream male actor of actuality, Wes Studi and Rosamund Pike are also pretty good, it’s a good part for Wes Studi.
The photography follows the parameters of modern filmmaking especially in these more slow paced films with long shots of symbolic things with a somehow cold and grey feeling coming out of the screen.
So what’s the drawback, well the history with the all redemption issue, maybe I’m just skeptical for nature, but I just don’t believe that so much hate can disappear in such a fast way, for such a realistic movie, I just can’t believe the history.
There are better redemption stories in average Western spaghetti.
Still it’s a quality film with strong acting that just tries to transport present day morals to the past, I call it revisionism.
3.5 out of 5


My feelings are the same as yours about Hostiles.

Watched Arizona Colt Returns tonight. Pretty decent spag with Anthony Steffen and Aldo Sambrell. Watching Bandidos right now.

Classic western double-Peck.

The Gunfighter - Cool gunshot effects for a fifties western, but the story didn’t really grab me. Am I suppose to believe that marshall would let the killer in the end just go?! Come on. 40%

The Big Country - Oh man, I was hoping the two guys would settle down their account with those old guns instead of Peck and Connors doing that. 70%

Trak of the cat - (1954) William Wellman

A strange film that I’ve never heard before, can’t even be classified as a Western, more of theatrical dramatic play about a disarranged family, with a big black cougar or panther as an allegory for the meaning of life.
I like Mitchum and his usual indifference approach, he was brilliant in some films while in others it was like if was doing someone a favor just to be there, but the best in doing so.
Clearly he was making an effort to be brilliant in this one, and he was even with some unusual overacting for him, the problem is that the storyline is just unbalanced for his part supposedly the main role, most of the film Mitchum his chasing the big cat in the snow landscape.
The indoor scenes are directed like in a theater play, and just don’t connect with the search for almost mystical black cat.
For the director this was a labor of love, with great cinematography (it must be amazing in the big screen), filmed in way that almost seems like B&W even if it’s a color film.
The dialogues are great, and the acting especially from actresses is also a plus (the male cast apart from Mitchum is an odd one) but the best of the film is the cinematography brilliant stuff.
Wellman a mostly regular director (Worked usually with Wayne), had the ambition to make a classic, but he just could not find the right balance in the storyline, and the outdoor scenes almost seemed like an intrusion to the rest of the film, even if brilliantly filmed.
Anyway a must see at least is different from any western of the period, more of a curiosity
3 out 5
(5 for the cinematography)