The Last Western You Watched? ver.2.0

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Watched Fort Apache last night…have seen it a few times but not in a while. What took me this time for some reason was Shirley Temple. She got hosed on the movie career as an adult. She has a screen presence and unlike many child stars was quite the looker as well as she got older. I guess people at the time couldnt get over child Shirley.

(titoli) #583

IMHO, Shirley Temple’s role was quite juvenile in that movie too, more 12-year than 22-year old, only thing missing was a lollipop.


OThe Hateful Eight (Tarantino, 2015) - 3.5/5
Forty Guns (Fuller,1957) - 3.5/5

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What a charmer…ugh think Im in the wrong forum. Thought I would try it anyway. Have fun.


Finally got to sit down and watch Una Nuvola di Polvere….un Grido di Morte….Arriva Sartana (A Cloud of Dust….A Cry of Death….Sartana is Coming/Light the Fuse….Sartana is Coming) this afternoon. Very good, not as good as the first four, but still entertaining. Gianni Garko, Nieves Navarro, Piero Lulli and Jose Jaspe all did fine jobs in their roles. Will have a review tomorrow on my blog.

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John Wayne didn’t have many film-daughters. The girl that James Caan was hot for in El Dorado was, I thought. But IMDB has her character listed under another last-name from Wayne’s.

Stephanie Powers in McLintock doesn’t count.