The Last Western You Watched? ver.2.0


Yup, CinemaScope won in the end.

(Mickey13) #422

Yeah, it’s a great one.

(Stanton) #423

Brando’s worst film as a director, but yes, a great western.

(Gordon Quid) #424

Doc West (2008), not Terrence Hill’s best role, but anyways… :confused:

(James Flessas ) #425


(James Flessas ) #426

I thought he did a fine job directing it . I’m no expert , I just know what I like .

(Stanton) #427

I’m no expert either (but who is?). but I haven’t said anything different, haven’t I?

(James Flessas ) #428

No, but then you didn’t really qualify your answer, what was it about his direction didn’t you like ? If I may ask

(Stanton) #429

Well, it was joke.

Brando made only one film as director, so it his best and his worst, whatever I think about it. But I called it a great western, and worse films are not great. (Unless one adores the Fid)

(Stanton) #430

Btw, if someone gives an answer to a post which is not the last post, he should better quote the related post. Otherwise it is often mistakable. At least for me.
Here I thought at first, that your directing remark was aimed at The Man Who Shot LV, the film mentioned in the before post.

(James Flessas ) #431

Well now I feel like a total ass, I wasn’t trying to start an argument , a discussion yes, apologies if I came off as a douchebag .

(Stanton) #432

Don’t worry, you didn’t.

Everybody can discuss anything I write here anyway.

(James Flessas ) #433

Wise council Stanton , I shall do that from now on .


The 7 from Texas aka Seven Guns from Texas and Hour of Death



(James Flessas ) #435

I couldn’t believe this came from John Ford , Jimmy Stewart Playing against type , I’m convinced he couldn’t play a jerk for all the tea in China . It introduced Shirley Jones , Richard Widmark held up his end but in the end , nothing could be done.


Went into this one knowing very little, which was a good thing in this case (avoiding spoilers)
Apart from a few minor quibbles over the dialogue sounding like it all comes from the one voice - (Like Tarantino, everyone is blessed with a quick sarcastic wit.) though much of it is quite amusing.

Just a little draggy in places, again too much talk and pondering. However the overall delivery and vision of hell on earth, makes up for it’s short comings.

All I can say without giving too much away is, this is pretty shocking and technically quite excellent. Very good performances throughout also.

I’d recommend it as a date movie … it will certainly break the ice ! :rofl:

(Asa) #437

NOTE TO EVERYBODY: If you take your date to see Bone Tomahawk, you will be dumped before the credits roll (unless your date is a death-obsessed gorehound). Our man @aldo knows his westerns but he clearly knows bugger-all about women. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

(Sebastian) #438

Hey I watched it with my better half, too, expecting her to run away screaming, but she stuck thru it, covering her eyes a few times but overall yea… it’s a date movie :slight_smile:

Last western I watched: Woman Walks Ahead… not very good

(Asa) #439

Oh my God! You Rodeo Romeos are all getting it wrong! Thankfully, the “Love Doctor” is in session. So pay attention! Regarde:



The last date movie I went to see (reluctantly of course) Four Weddings & a Funeral … and frankly that was hell on earth - No more Mister Nice Guy, my turn to choose the movie :smile: