The Last Western You Watched? ver.2.0


I think it’s pretty much subjective - I would definitely call ‘Butch Cassidy’ a western, but it’s also a buddy adventure/ rom com even. :wink:

For me a western should have a certain grandiose larger than life quality - It’s just my personal opinion that the vast majority of attempts to reignite the genre seem self conscious and lack that je ne sais quoi

For example: ‘True Grit’ 1969 is a western - ‘True Grit’ 2010 is a period drama … that’s just my take on it. They are both very good films … but the '69 version is much more entertaining in the spirit of the classic western tall tale.

(scherpschutter) #402

A western to me, wouldn’t know why not. It’s at the same time a buddy movie, of course, and a comedy with serious overtones. It’s a product of its time. Bonnie & Clyde was also a movie belonging to different genres or movie types, and with more or less the same ingredients (comedy, serious, buddy movie) but instead of a western it’s a gangster movie


How about…

No Country for Old Men? :thinking:


Even though ‘No Country for Old Men’ is set in 1980 I actually think it has more of a western feel in spirit, than many contemporary films set 100 years earlier.

And it just happens to be my favourite film of the last 10 years … maybe longer.

(scherpschutter) #405

Not really a western for me. I don’t see many western themes in it. I must say that I remember the book better than the movie, and the book has no western feel. Maybe the look of the film gives you the impression that it’s a western.

(Wilco Vedder) #406

What about “Back to the future” part 3 :rofl:
With Clint Eastwood himself.

(scherpschutter) #407

Certainly related to the genre, but not a genuine western. A distant relative, so to speak. But a true western fan should see it. I thought it was pretty good and once had it in my favorite westerns top 50

(Stanton) #408

Part 2 was set in the West, not part 3. Or am I wrong?

Anyway, not a real western for me.


Part III indeed.

(Stanton) #410

Uhh, really, I thought it was the middle part. Whatever …


I think I actually like Part II the best. The almanac idea was pretty neat.

(Wilco Vedder) #412

Well, unless you are in the theatre and have an open ending with “to be continued”.
I remember being pissed off at that moment :zipper_mouth_face:

(tomas) #413

I guess there was a post about it, but I have seen it just about now and what a hilarious short.

(Sebastian) #414

Drums along the Mohawk… fantastic early Ford

(Phil H) #415

Had a mini Ringo-Fest for Father’s day and watched Pistol and Return back to back.
If anything Pistol raised in my estimation but Return is still the best. Arrow did a good job on the BluRay release I think.

(James Flessas ) #416

Great movie, I highly recommend this .

(James Flessas ) #417

Here’s one of my all time favs, Brando’s single effort as a director ,great film


Ahh that beautiful VistaVision too.

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According to Martin Scorscese it was the last film shot in vistavision , I don’t know about you but I trust him lol .


Seems to be the last American picture to use the process - there are other international films that used it later.
Here’s some info