The Last Western You Watched? ver.2.0

(tomas) #281

Oh my gosh, a rating combination of ape and dino? You really must hate this movie. In my opinion, ape/dino rating deserves only Fidanis and Creas. :grin:

(scherpschutter) #282

Haven’t seen it yet. I planned to watch it numerous times, but every time, I changed my mind in the last minute. In the meantime i watched the other movies from the Koch box at least four times.

My rating: :question::interrobang:


That tragic event happens to the best of us.

(tomas) #284

What? I’m disappointed. I thought you’ve seen every spaghetti western on the planet.

(Wilco Vedder) #285

Watched some movies on YT. Nice way to introduce these and to investigate whether a purchase is justified.

The Hills run Red
Nice movie, finally images with the music of Morricone.
Enough is said in the separate string about this movie. Now I know the inspiration of Terence Hill in using a frying pan

Any Gun can Play
Worth considering for a purchase. I put this one on my wish list

Now I will start with some Sartana movies. Time to explore these as well

(david collins) #286

I’ve watched Coffin for Django, the Moment to Kill and the Unholy Four over the last few days. All fine films IMO.

(tomas) #287


Hate For Hate

The Spaghaton. One and Holy.

What? I pick another spagh in the row, completely coincidentally, and it is Paolella again?

Interestingly, directing is a lot different than in Execution, maybe because Italo Zingarelli was somehow involved. I’d say the direction is better, but doesn’t really help.

Oh god, what a pointless bore that was.

It starts fine, but after about fifteen minutes you realize this is probably going to be utterly boring spaghetti crap and you’ll be right.

Can’t say a good thing, nor bad thing about it, which I hate about spaghs, for you can at least laugh your ass off while watching a bad one. But this?


Rating: :frog::frog::turkey::turkey::pig:

Yes, that is what you deserve, frogs and turkeys, you good for nothing spagh.


Perhaps you need a rest up from your ‘spagathon’? Spag fatigue is quite a common complaint when you over do it!

I find watching some mindless Hollywood CGI Superhero type shite, usually snaps me out of the ‘Spaghetti Blues’

This is another one I’ve seen, but can’t remember much about, except the Warner archive print was pleasing to the eye. Must have seen it during my spagathon/beerathon period :rofl:

(tomas) #289

What? But I just started. :fearful:

Noooo, I’ll be lucky next time.
Hidden gem is coming my way.
I know it, I feel it my bones.

(Bill san Antonio) #290

But it’s not even november yet! :spaghetti:

(tomas) #291


Savage Pampas

This, I assume, is outside The Spaghaton, since it is probably not a spagh, but I wanted to watch since I’d read @scherpschutter’s review, which was quite a long time ago.

As you can see from attached fotodocumentation this movie has a lot to offer.
Now, don’t get me wrong, but honestly I expected something different plot wise, not who the hell is biggest pimp in Argentina. Because, basically, that’s what this movie is about.
You could easily retitle it to Savage Pimps.

Anyway, I liked it. Lot of fine performances, I especially liked Ty Hardin (as always), he is great in it as mr. fancypants smartass journalist. But the main attraction for me, no, not prostitutes, is a different landscape. Pampas. Great. I want more of that. I want an adventure pampas movie, with a lonely deadly gaucho who does give a shit only about argentinian gold, muhahaha.

Well, rating: Why isn’t there a prostitute emoji?

(Asa) #292

(tomas) #293

Oh my goodness.

(tomas) #294


Never trust a cool looking SW poster.
For the record I only watched few scenes here and there, and what can I say - too much pain even for me.

(scherpschutter) #295

I planned to watch every sw ever made, so the thought that is torturing me now, is the idea that one day I will have to endure this piece of sh…

(tomas) #296

I used to be an idealist too. Now I use fastforward.

(scherpschutter) #297

We all learn …

(Stanton) #298

Fastforward, god’s most amazing gift for mankind …

(tomas) #299

Saranda aka Twenty Paces To Death

Never heard of this paella before, but when I saw Dean Reed is carrying a bow in it I knew I have to see this.

Well, expectations… were low, but even with that in mind it kind of sucked in the end.

Sadly, not much action with that bow actually. Why to have a hero who can shoot an arrow like an expert and then not really use it? Okay, he use it alright like two times and you can bet it looks ridiculous.

Anyway, quite uneven movie. There’s a segment in the middle which is well directed, so my hopes for spectacular finale jumped sky high. And crashed.

This is seventh or eight spagh in the row, which is, well, not a complete turkey, but I’m starting to wonder if this isn’t the end of the spaghetti road.

(The Man With a Name) #300

I liked Twenty Paces to Death for what it was.