The Last Western You Watched? ver.2.0

(scherpschutter) #261

Now what kind of rating is that?

Stanton’s virtually incomprehensible rating system is easy to understand compared to yours …

(tomas) #262

Oh, yes, I see. Let me explain it.
:desert: = :mage:
:spades: = :cowboy_hat_face: :crying_cat_face::alien:
:horse: = :cowboy_hat_face: / :heart_eyes: + :poop:

(Bill san Antonio) #263

Otherwise comprehensible but I’m not so sure about that butt plug.

(tomas) #264

Very simple, Bill. Butt plug means the movie contains some elements that can be considered as pain in the ass.

(scherpschutter) #265

Explains a lot

(tomas) #266

Roy Colt & Winchester Jack

And the spaghetti western marathon aka The Holy Spaghaton continues.

A rewatch of Bava’s sw comedy bromance/romance. A wonderful movie except for one thing. In the middle, there is a scene in a whorehouse, which is completely out of place, not very funny, cringeworthy and clearly serves one fucking purpose: To have a movie, which runs cca 85 minutes, not 75. You could easily cut it out and nothing would happen. Well, actually yes, you would get a better movie.
Rating: π

(scherpschutter) #267

Those alien ratings keep surprising people living on the face of this planet

(tomas) #268

It’s π, so the rating is 3,14 out of 4,5.
Normally it would be out of 5, but since it is only 3,14, and that would be low rating in my opinion, I had to compensate by lowering the scale.:grinning:

(tomas) #269

Spaghaton, only sport I care about.

No pics tonight.

3 Colpi Di Winchester Per Ringo
dir by Emimmo Salvi

We have another blind pistolero in this one. The badguys are actually after bank interests of town people, or something like that, sorry my attention started to wander very quickly. There’s even a scene in which Gordon Mitchell, the goodie turned baddie, shouts at our hero: “Where are your funds!” (or shares - for christsakes, he shouted it in italian). Made me laugh, it just doesn’t have that effect as if he would shout: "Where is the gold!"
But theres a lot of unintentional funny things. For example, during cave combat they use cannons against baddies and it is just clear they can shoot around corners.

No fancy rating gimmicks tonight, let’s do this the oldfashioned way.
I rate it 2 out of 5.

(scherpschutter) #270

I had hoped for a more colorful rating … something like :scream::star_struck::thinking::chestnut:

(david collins) #271

After takinga break from the genre I watched the big Gundown the other night. After that I’ve watched Djano Kill, Johnny Hamlet and A Man called Sledge.
I’m looking for a copy of Blinman next and perhaps the Stranger Collection.


By far the best English friendly version:

(tomas) #273

I won’t disappoint you next time.


As usual, plenty of incorrect info regarding the filming locations :weary:

‘‘Blindman features many classic Spaghetti Western locations in their heyday the Western town of Decorados in the Tabernas desert, the massive fort built for the American film El Condor, the railroad station from Once Upon a Time in the West, the cortijo from Duck, You Sucker, and the mission location featured in The Bounty Killer and Death Rides a Horse’’.

1:“The Western town of Decorados” … Decorados simply seems decorations or in this case, film set. The town at the beginning is what’s now known as ‘Fort Bravo’

2:Yes, they film at the same area as the ‘Cattle Corner’ station, which is near the small town of La Calahorra, but the set didn’t exist after Leone’s film.

3: They do not film at the ‘Death Rides a Horse’/'Bounty Killer location … The location used where the town is painted black for 'Candy’s funeral is the set built for ‘Valdez is coming’, which is in an area called La Sartenilla, and was very close to where we first see Al Muloch at the beginning of GBU.

4: The final showdown with the landscape full of crosses, is the remains of the fort built for ‘The Deserter’, and later used for ‘A Reason to Live a Reason to Die’. Ochotorena plateau.

I’ve visited all these locations, and the only thing still existing is ‘Fort Bravo’, and although much of it has been rebuilt or altered (not for the better) the house where ‘Skunk’ and his friends are blown up, remains intact.
Worth a visit just to visit that SW shrine. :grinning:

(tomas) #275

The Spaghaton is back. I would like to coin the term.

dir by Domenico Paolella

Wow, what a cool poster this movie got:

I was pretty curious about this spaghie, for I remember one forum member had it in his TOP 20 and was quite enthusiastic about it.

Now, when I’ve finally seen it, I have no idea why.

Well, it actually starts interestingly enough and interrogation scene in cave is brilliant, so I started to have high hopes for the next stuff. I also liked the villain introduced in this scene - a mexican fatso using very original torture technique.
Well, the biggest problem is imo its sloppy directing. Execution is not so well executed, and it shows off especially in the end, which completely loses touch with proper storytelling.
More competent director would turn this spagh into a little gem. For example, we got this final showdown in the saloon, one guy against a bunch of mexs. Our hero takes an advantage of the interior’s layout during battling the badguys, which is pretty cool idea, but… Just imagine what Corbucci could do with this makes me cryyyyy.

Anyway, rating. Honestly, I can’t really give it more than 180° out of 360°.

(david collins) #276

Thanks dean I’ve just ordered this and the stranger collection


Forgot this is in the Koch Django box set. Doubt I’ll ever watch it.

(Stanton) #278

Why not? There are much worse Spags. It is watchable, but, yes, nothing special.

(Asa) #279

If you never watch it, you’ll have missed nothing special. There are indeed worse Spags but few are quite as unremarkable as Execution. In many ways, it’s worse than bad: It’s dull.

Purely imo, like.


Seen it, but barely remember a thing about it - My rating, :monkey::sauropod: I’m sure @tomas will know what I mean :smile: