The Last TV Series You Watched

(Sebastian) #105

I have to admit not knowing the old series, so my judgement is to be taken with a grain of salt, but I think it is definitely worth watching for what it’s worth. Interesting effects, interesting modern take on a concept…

(Phil H) #106

I used to love the old series as a kid but it is strictly for fans of camp kitsch these days. The new series I have only just started on (a couple of episodes) but I am really enjoying it. Revamped for the 21st century in all the right ways I think. references to the old series but darker in tone while still definitely being family friendly. My wife and I and our middle daughter have all been enjoying it anyway and one we watch together.

(scherpschutter) #107



A thriller series in 6 parts, called the Canadian answer to Scandinavian noir series like The Killing and The Bridge. It was well-received by critics and also received no less than six Canadian screen awards.

Billy Campbell (who starred in the English language adaptation of the Danish series The Killing) and Karine Vanasse play an unlikely couple of detectives trying to solve a case involving a series of brutal abductions and killings. They both have troubles at home and don’t really trust each other, and have all the good reasons for it: while investigating the murder case, Vanasse is also hired (by her former superior from another department) to investigate Campbell, who might be a dirty cop.

Cardinal (by the way: that’s the name of Campbell’s character) was shot in winter, in Ontario, and the cinematography of the snow-covered desolate landscape is breathtaking. It’s also the series’ major asset. Not that it’s bad, far from, it’s a well-plotted crime drama that will most certainly keep you hooked, but it can hardly be called exceptional. The script offers more twists and turns than you can ask for, but at the same time there are no real surprises, you’ve seen it all before. Campbell is not a bad actor, but for some reason he speaks most of his lines in a loud whisper, an affectation that soon becomes irritating


Yeah, i never was a huge fan of the series, but i do remember enjoying it for what it was back in the day.

Well, i’m only 4 episodes in, and not sure about going on with it. I was hoping it would get better, but the poor writing and annoying characters plus a boring Dr. Smith is what’s killing it for me. Good special effects though!

(kit saginaw) #109

The Falcon, with Charles McGraw… I love the campy hyper-reality of these type of shows, featuring ‘a former criminal turned criminal-investigator’ known worldwide by a nickname as well as his regular name. Yet his presence is utterly void of worldwide charisma. In The Falcon’s case, the show’s writers forget who he works for. Army Intelligence, ‘government troubleshooter’, tax-fraud investigator, private-detective… none of it makes any sense to justify being world-famous. Plus, the writing is terrible. McGraw is constantly surprised, easily ambushed, and embarrassingly beat-up on a routine basis… somehow managing to be holding a gun at the end of these actionless scripts. Illogically entertaining though, if nothing else is on.