The Last TV Series You Watched

(Phil H) #85

Only watched the first episode of this so far but it looks good I think

(scherpschutter) #86

Les Témoins (Season 1)

A French thriller series with some horror influences, set in the North of France, in a coastal town called Le Tréport. It was no doubt inspired by Scandinavian series like The Killing or The Bridge. Somebody is removing bodies of recently deceased people from their graves and arranging them in show homes, as if they all belonged to one and the same family. What’s the meaning of all this and who’s behind it? In one of the homes, a picture is found of former police commissioner Paul Maisonneuve, who seems to think that it’s the work of a serial killer he put behind bars, Caz Gorbier. The police woman leading the investigation - a former student of Maisonneuve - is willing to follow up this lead, but is told that Gorbier died in a prison fire. Maisonneuve is not convinced and starts investigating the case on his own …

Les Témoins was shown on Netflix as Witnesses (which is actually a translation of the original French title). The first season has 6 episodes, which is most certainly not a bad thing. Most of these thriller series go on far too long and all have an inevitable dip halfway through. Les Témoins is well-paced but this doesn’t mean it’s without flaws: There are too many red herrings, and it doesn’t quite live up to the expectations created in the first two episodes. The premise is quite bizarre and unsettling, but once it becomes clear what’s going on, the plot falls into more familiar patterns. Cinematography and acting are first-rate; Marie Dompnier is sexy (and quite convincing) as the young police woman and Thierry Lhermitte is outstanding as the veteran policeman who has some real problems of his own. Outside the French speaking world Lhermitte is not as well-known as some of his colleagues like Gérard Depardieu or Daniel Auteuil, but in France he’s often called one of the very best actors of his generation.

(tomas) #87

I checked the imdb status of Red Dwarf, remembering the last season went out around 2012, haven’t been expecting any progress, and what the hell, they did two new seasons during last two years. That’s definitely good news.

(Sebastian) #88

Watched all but the final episode, and I like it a lot. Too bad it is already over… a really remarkable production: High quality, modern and gritty, yet full of classic Western elements, wrapped in beautiful, high value craftsmanship, nice scenery and delivered by and outstanding cast.

Update: Done with the series. Mighty impressed. Great entertainment

(MMcG) #89

I would also recommend the Netflix Godless Western series.
Too bad it was just 1 season but then there was no scope for another season as many of the actors were killed by the end!


Same here Seb, and kudos to Netflix for producing it.


Finished it last weekend. Pretty good stuff indeed, it starts impressively, then it drags a little bit, but the final episode is really great with the siege and all. It dares to defy some cliches as even some of the main good guys are getting killed, the romance between Roy Goode and Alice Fletcher is very short and ends pretty soon etc. I like it as it is, and IMO it doesn’t need a 2nd season.

(kit saginaw) #92

The Man Called X… Loved it, but can critically only assign it a 6-out-of-10 because of formatting issues. Pre-James Bond intelligence stories, with zero focus on cuteness and humor. Just spy ‘situations’. Quite a wide variety of situations too. No sappy Save Humanity stuff.

Starring Barry Sullivan , in full Jack Palance mode. Rugged, fast, critical thinker with a limitless reserve of resources to make any plan work.

Behind the technical scene is Hungary’s Ladislas Farago, , one of the world’s most proficient intelligence-service writers in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. Most famous for the Tora Tora Tora screenplay, the show uses Farago’s files as a backdrop.

_" Let’s see… I’m an American electronics expert named (Ken Thurston). Get me into one of Madame Pasha’s luncheons as a guest-speaker. I’ll give a phony lecture about electronic-communications, then get myself invited to her home, where I’ll figure out a way to search for the smuggled guns. "

" You think you can do that? "

"Yes. "_


Cowboy Bebop - An anime I’d recommend to people who don’t even like anime.

(Asa) #94

An outstanding series. :+1:


Re-watched Band of Brothers, and i still think it’s fantastic.

(Sebastian) #96

yea and The Pacific could never remotely live up to that.


I’m still contemplating watching that. I’ve read some pretty harsh reviews.

(Asa) #98

The Pacific’s not bad; it’s biggest crime really is that it’s nowhere near as good as Band of Brothers, the one show with which it will always be compared. But that’s true of maybe 90% of all the shows that have ever been broadcast in the history of television.

(Sebastian) #99

I think the other crime is, that it’s so damn brutal, you’ll emerge another person after watching it. It’s disturbing

(Asa) #100

Over the last couple of days I watched season 4 of anthology sci-fi thriller Black Mirror. Mostly very good indeed I thought; maybe even slightly more consistent than season three overall. That said, it lacked the real one-two killer punch combo provided the year previously by episodes three and four, Shut Up and Dance and San Junipero. The only one I didn’t care for was Black Museum which felt far too self-aware with all the Easter eggs from episodes past, and which tbh didn’t feel especially Black Mirror-like at all.

In all, then (I’ve never seen the 2014 Christmas special episode White Christmas):

1. San Junipero (s3)
2. Shut Up and Dance (s3)

Very Good
3. Nosedive (s3)
4. Crocodile (s4)
5. Hang the DJ (s4)
6. USS Callister (s4)
7. White Bear (s2)
8. The Entire History of You (s1)
9. Metalhead (s4)

Not Bad
10. Be Right Back (s2)
11. The National Anthem (s1)
12. Fifteen Million Merits (s1)
13. Arkangel (s4)
14. Hated in the Nation (s3)
15. Playtest (s3)
16. Men Against Fire (s3)

Not Good
17. Black Museum (s4)
18. The Waldo Moment (s2)

(kit saginaw) #101

State Trooper, with Rod Cameron… The series looked to combine western-action with ‘modern police-work’, with Cameron towing a horse-trailer behind his squad-car all around Nevada. But the show’s creators ditched that idea. And the rest of the series focused on Cameron as a special investigator. Believable plots. Logical dialogue. The location-settings are a car-lover’s dream. 6-out-of-10.


Netflix’s 'Daredevil ’ series. I didn’t think this was going to be that great, but after watching the first two episodes i was hooked. It’s well done with great action scenes and i liked the way the 'Punisher ’ character was introduced in Season two with more brutal action. Good stuff!

(tomas) #103

I had a great time watching the first season of this pleasantly insane show.



I’m reluctant to get into a new series right now, but I’d like to know if this updated one based on the original "Classic TV Series " is worth my time. Will give it a go tonight on a few episodes and see where it leads.