The Last Movie You Watched? ver.2.0

I remember renting The Vindicator, actually it came out one year before Robocop, Can’t remember much apart from the fact that the cyborg somehow transforms into some kind of sex maniac.

One of the few I’ve seen from your list … I’m not a horror/80s fan, but I found it surprisingly enjoyable.
It helped that I got a nice Blu Ray copy on one of my charity shop raids - so it’s good to branch out and see something that’s not immediately in one’s area of interest. Kevin Dillon’s mullet is pretty scary! :smile:

Unfortunately, the mm ripoff scenes seemed to me quite unconvincing. I mean, all those mm ripoff movies always look like they didn’t learn the lesson provided by George Miller in the eighties.

All this crap added to my watchlist :joy:. I think.

Last 10 outside the spagvember films:

*251. Miike: Yakuza Apocalypse 5/10
*258. Yeon: Train to Busan 7/10
*262. Guadagnino: A Bigger Splash 6/10
*269. Pakula: Klute (cinema) 6/10
*271. Franck: Olliver Hawk (Doc) 6/10
*273. Zvjagintsev: Neljubov 7/10
*280. Rodriguez: Marshland 6/10
*284. Lynch: Lost Highway 9/10
*289. Wilder: Some Like it Hot 10/10
*290. Zvjagintsev: Elena 7/10


Few movies I managed to watch during the spagvember craziness:

John Boorman’s Excalibur - 10/10

John Boorman’s Emerald Forest - 9/10

John Hughes’ The Treasure Of Sierra Madre - 10/10

Synecdoche New York - 6/10

Terminator Dark Fate - 6/10

Once Upon A Time In America - 10/10

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Last ten (not counting the Spagvember films):

Black God White Devil 8/10
Antonio das Mortes 8/10
O’ Cangaceiro 7/10
The Big Gundown 9/10
The Hot Spot 7/10
Sudden Fear 7/10
The Thing (1982) 7/10
The Asphalt Jungle 10/10
Ad Astra 7/10
The Irishman 7/10

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This is one of my most favourite films. I give it 9/10.

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I think you might be mistaking it for another flick. In this one, the cyborg feels psychologically compelled to kill after coming into contact with whatever external stimuli.

Yeah, this one is pretty enjoyable.

My expectations were pretty low, so I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Beware of Star Crystal, it’s really freaking cheap. I mean really.

Films rated 7 - 10 are in my top drawer :grinning:

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I found it on yt realizing I already had knowledge about this movie. Didn’t watch it though just skipped through some scenes, so can’t honestly rate it, but yours 4/10 seems a really generous rating. :grin:

It is. Surprisingly enough, I enjoyed it quite a bit regardless of its technical wretchedness, as it has some of that lovely cheapish, outlandish flavor you can only find in this kind of productions. Really cheesy and trashy, but it wasn’t that bad in the second half and I liked the atmosphere overall. I wish I’d seen in a VHS quality so that the poor production values could get obscured by the poor quality of the print and make the experience… more mysterious and obscure-ish I guess. I don’t think I will be reviewing this one any time soon, I’d rather just watch Project Nightmare for this sort of vibe. BTW, the only reason why I watched Star Crystal was because of its poster and the number of times it’d popped up in my IMDb recommendations.

Yes, same here. Well, instead of it I watched yesterday quite obscure sf Beyond The Rising Moon aka Outerworlds (on yt). Have you seen this? Looks like a movie you would enjoy.

No, I haven’t seen it and oddly enough, it’s not on my watchlist which is weird because all 1980s/1990s sci-fis should already be there. I’ve pretty much run out of good 1980s/1990s neonoirs, so I’ve recently moved on to the sci-fi genre as everybody might’ve noticed. And I’ve definitely come across this one before, just haven’t seen it yet as I’ve said. Thanks for the recommendation BTW, hopefully I will soon give it a shot, probably not this week though. The renovation of my flat is starting tomorrow and I’m packing everything up now. This shit is frustrating as hell.

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Angel Has Fallen (2019)-:star: Wow!..for an action flick, this was SHIT. The surprise in this mess was Nick Nolte who i think was dragged out of a cave for his cameo role.:grimacing:

I’m watching a few clips and reviews on Death Wish 2 and there’s a few people that say it was a better film than the original.

Any Death Wish series aficionados have opinions on 1 vs 2? The guy in the video has unique analysis and takes on a bunch of films and shows how DW-2 was savaged by group-think critics but was actually a well made film.

I saw this in the cinema when I was 16, and loved the experience of seeing wee Charlie on the big screen - but having re-watched it recently I was kind of embarrassed by my young self’s enthusiasm for this one.

The original film is slow paced and probably frustratingly slow for action fans who just want to see Bronson shoot bad guys … it’s still a shocking movie, but it actually has a brain behind it, and some real poignancy … ‘Death Wish 2’ is just pure exploitation and it’s poorly made by comparison. Looks like a TV movie with X certificate content. (R rating in the USA)

It maybe the best of the sequels but it’s basically just crap, and the beginning of the end of Charles Bronson’s run of entertaining tough guy action films … many of which I’m still happy to watch. See ‘Death Wish 2’ but don’t expect too much. :slight_smile:

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That’s pretty much my view. Death Wish 2 is awful (3 is even worse). Even the original film isn’t terrific - it’s pretty good for a Michael Winner flick but virtually any major director working in the early 70’s would have made a deeper, more interesting film. Can you imagine what Sidney Lumet or Sam Peckinpah, to pick two very different talents, would have made of the material?

His magnum opus !? :wink:

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Thanks Aldo and Gringolikeme. I think part of the initial appeal of the original Death Wish was the novel level of violence compared to just a few years earlier before the Hays code was replaced by the MPAA. Another aspect was the “controversial” vigilantism which went against the sensibilities of the gatekeeping, opinion-shaping critics who gaslight contrary ideas, as opposed to the public at large.

I’ve always been a fan of Dirty Harry but wasn’t aware of any controversy surrounding it until years after I saw it. It seems a cranky Pauline Kael took it as her mission to implant the idea that it promoted fascism. Today, I see critics hired by “establishment” media who have a social agenda, to be at odds with ‘unauthorized’ online critics and moviegoers alike. More recently, Terminator Dark Fate was laughed at, largely ignored at the box office, and given internet critiques you’ll never find in corporate publications or outlets. Today’s internet levels of free speech provide push back against the legacy media’s lockstep.

Back to DW2, ten years later, early 1970’s precedents were no longer factors and it wouldn’t have been a defining film of its time even if it was universally agreed to be a superior film. There could be relevant ground-breaking Death Wish sequels made today addressing violence, not necessarily in the US, and they’d be magnitudes more controversial than the original.

Yep, when the latest Rambo film came out the critics were trashing it down mainly because the mexicans were bad guys -thus the film must be racist. Only after the fan critics started to appear online I started to find positive reviews. Instead of criticising the quality of the film the media was pushing an agenda.

Haven’t seen the film yet though.

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