The Last Movie You Watched? ver.2.0

Boo! (not the spooky, tenuously Halloween-related “Boo!” but the stern, disapproving “Boo!” :slightly_smiling_face:)

also rewatched it.

Speaking of horror films and Spagvember, does anyone know if there are some scary/creepy spaghetti westerns? Or any kind of western combined with horror?

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That’s a great freaking doc BTW, I rarely give high ratings to documentaries, but this one really deserves, genuinely well-made.

The Prowler 1981

Savinis stunning special effects makes this suspense slasher whorth watching.

Doctor Sleep (Flanagan, 2019)
Enjoyable follow-up to The Shining, and plenty of fan serivice in the 3rd act for all the Kubrick nerds.

Bone tomehawk is a western with horror elements

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The Invincible Broithers Machiste (1964), a fun Peplum from near the end of that genre’s cycle, starring Anthony Steffen as Prince Akim. Building a temple so the gods will bless his upcoming wedding, a collapse reveals an underground realm run by an evil, banished queen. Akim pops down for a visit along with his building contractors, the super-strong Machiste brothers.

Queen Thaliade (Claudia Lange) then kidnaps the future Mrs Akim and the impressively-chested elder Machiste broither (Iranian actor Iloosh Khoshabe), then tries to marry Akim. The Peplums were getting quite whacky by this point, which made them quite good fun, and it’s intersting to see Steffen before he became a spaghetti western star. The younger Machiste brother is played by Mario Novelli, and gets even less to do than big brother.

It’s directed and written by Roberto Mauri, who went on to direct Sartana in the Valley of Death, Wanted Sabata and He Was Called Holy Ghost.among others.

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In the last few days I re-watched four films, very different from one another, about Movie Reality Crossover

The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)

Pleasantville (1998)

Last Action Hero (1993)

Circuito chiuso (1978)

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Today I saw for the first time

The Running Man (1987)

Loved this one as a kid … only identified the movie being played in the cinema, years later 'E per tetto … :wink:


The 9th Life of Louis Drax (2017, Alexandre Aja)

Louis Drax is a 9-year-old boy who survived various near-fatal accidents; after the last one, a fall from a cliff, he is pronounced dead, but in the morgue he suddenly returns to the land of the living … What caused all these near-fatal accidents and what happened exactly on that cliff? Has somebody been trying to kill him? His ‘father’ maybe, who is not his biological father and has a history of drinking and aggressive behaviour?

Visually this is an interesting movie and there are also a few good performances (notably by Aaron Paul as the ‘father’ and Jamie Dornan as the doctor who is in charge of Louis’ case), but what is this? A whodunit? A supernatural thriller? A horror movie? It’s a bit of everything but at the same time nothing in particular. It’s also a movie that seems to work towards a bravura finale but fails to come up with one (the finale is rather anti-climactic). I haven’t read the source novel (by Liz Jensen) and maybe the jumps back and forth in time and the mix of supernatural and realistic elements worked better on paper. Disappointing (but some may like it better than I did).

** (out of 5)

Fat City (1972).:star::star::star::star:
California Split (1974).:star::star::star:1/2
The Valley of Gwangi (1969).:star::star::star:

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’Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ … some amusing moments for film buffs, but I can’t imagine a mainstream audience getting much out of this. 7/10

PS: Spotted tons of factual errors regarding the timeline, but I’m guessing they’re deliberate, just to keep the nerds talking ? :roll_eyes:

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Factual? It’s not supposed to be a documentary.

Of course not … but when you see the ‘Sharon Tate’ character going to the cinema in February 1968, we see multiple posters for ‘The Mercenary’, which hadn’t even gone into production at that time.
Why give specific information on screen and then contradict the historical accuracy of that time period ? … as I suggested, just to piss off the cinema historians :smile:

Yeah, it’s a Tarantino timeline. I bet they’re deliberate, kinda small hints that this is not going how’s it supposed to be.

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