The Last Movie You Watched? ver.2.0

(chuck connors brother) #1145

I liked the The Cowboys up until that big moment in the last 3rd… then the aftermath of that pretty much ruined the whole movie for me.


^My take on Pale Rider, it sucks…plain and simple.

Papillon (2018)

I didn’t have high hopes for this due to the fact that the original 1973 version film is such a classic and remains to be one of my favourite Steve McQeen movies to this day, but this remake actually turned out to be a decent film in it’s own right. 5.5/10

(El Topo) #1147

I liked Pale Rider with the not so usual back then ecologic agenda, was kind of a warm up for Unforgiven.

He did some great films in the 80’s Bird, Heartbreak Ridge, White Hunter Black Heart

(autephex) #1148

I like Pale Rider because I just am a sucker for a priest with guns… what can I say… I’m a simple man

(El Topo) #1149

I prefer a Nun with guns

(scherpschutter) #1150

I like Pale Rider better than his other westerns, I just like the idea of the movie and the religious symbolism behind it enough to overlook its flaws. Maybe High Plains Drifter is his best directed western, but even that movie has serious flaws. I don’t like Josey Wales or Unforgiven very much. Overall Clint is not such as a great director. He had a great screen presence when he was young, and directors like Sergio Leone and Don Siegel knew how to use this to perfection. There’s no way that as a director or film maker he’s on the same level.

(autephex) #1151

I also like the religious symbolism and always have an appreciation for these kinds of films. All of Clint’s own westerns fall short, I agree. But I also can enjoy them all enough for repeated viewings. Josey Wales has some great moments and scenery. Unforgiven I love the ending and the build up gives it the oomph, but the rest of the film is a bit tiresome.


Thunderbolt and Lightfoot is in my top three movies, period, and it was almost directed by Eastwood but I wonder if it would have been as good if it had been directed by Eastwood and not Cimino. That said, none of Cimino’s other movies make it into my top 50 but at least one Eastwood directed movie would, but he was also in it, which is a bonus.

(scherpschutter) #1153

I think he has too much controll over his movies. Most of them have good ideas, often great individual scenes but usually there are also bad or superfluous scenes that give you the idea that you’re looking at at a rough cut that still needs some editing.


Yes, precisely.

I read recently that he fired his long time editor, Ferris Webster, who’d cut all his films from ‘Joe Kid’ to ‘Honkytonk Man’ … perhaps Ferris made the career mistake (not artistic) of speaking up to the ‘actor, director, producer’ ??? Perhaps that explains, partially, for the dip in quality. :thinking:

PS: Forgot to include ‘composer’ … that’s a laugh! :wink:

(kit saginaw) #1155

Clint’s US-westerns never brought the snappy energy of Rawhide’s Rowdy Yates. It seems like he left his US-western viability on the small-screen.

(autephex) #1156

Last night’s viewing was: Lucio Fulci’s Cat In The Brain - Grindhouse bluray release

Hadn’t watched this one since I purchased the previous Grindhouse DVD, and back then I actually didn’t think much of the film. I was big Fulci fan at the time, but found the movie to be a boring collection of scenes from movies I’d rather watch instead, such as Touch of Death, which has been a favorite since first viewing. I never understood why Touch of Death doesn’t get the attention given to Cat In The Brain.

But this time around I found a new appreciation in seeing Fulci play himself, going crazy with lots of humor, and a very nice flannel shirt. I guess that before I was too distracted by the cut up job to really take in how great this was.

I still have the same complaint though - while the spliced in scenes from other films works and makes sense in the narrative, the scenes just go on for much too long and become tiresome to sit through. The film is very enjoyable when watching Fulci play his part, but then another movie scene comes in & its time to wait it out again. If these scenes would have been shaved down just a bit, Cat In The Brain could have been much, much better as a whole.

Lately I’ve been enjoying watching films with commentary tracks while working, and was disappointed to see no commentary on this release. Surprising for a Grindhouse release packed with stuff like this. These days I don’t really care much for most interviews as the people don’t have much to say other than praise they basically invented on the spot or such stuff, but a good commentary track can provide a lot of insight.

(autephex) #1157

Followed up with another Fulci viewing: The New York Ripper - Blue Underground blu ray

This makes the third viewing since I bought the blu, and the last time I remember being bored with it and having trouble getting past the stupid duck voice. This time was not much different - constantly checking the runtime and just really waiting it out. There are a couple really great scenes such as a few creative usages of first person viewpoint, and the showgirl in her dark room which is lit in bright green, one of the coolest lit scenes in this genre. Unfortunately its in a film I won’t have much urge to revisit, and I think this will be one of the movies I sell out as I trim my collection up.

(autephex) #1158

Arizal’s American Hunter (aka. Lethal Hunter) (1989) + Final Score (1986) - Had never heard of the Indonesian action director before but came across his film American Hunter & was instantly looking for more of his work. Very low budget but plenty of action, and no wasting time on trying to be anything its not. I’ve got a couple more Arizal films to watch (The Stabilizer and Double Crosser) and he has quite a list of films under his name.


Had to watch the trailer to figure out how they would have edited this stunt together. It looks like he throttles it from a stationary position inside the helicopter with the blades slowly moving.

(autephex) #1160

Yeah that is pretty much the full scene. There’s a couple small shots cut out but that’s all of the actual stunt. You can tell by the position of the bike that its just being jumped out of the helicopter rather than jumping through it.

If you like these kinds of action films with funny dialogue then I’d recommend looking these up.