The Last Movie You Watched? ver.2.0


I’m with Mickey on this one. A very nice trashy Eastwood vehicle. Not to be missed!:cowboy_hat_face:


… or a very trashed Eastwood vehicle - Poor bus :laughing:


Can we agree that The Gauntlet had a cool Frank Frazetta poster, poor bus and all ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :wink:



Absolutely love the poster :grinning:

(El Topo) #1129

Always liked the house scene, when it falls after the shooting

(Wilco Vedder) #1130

I guess you haven’t seen “Pink Caddillac” :scream::scream::scream:

(scherpschutter) #1131

As a matter of fact, I haven’t :wink:

I missed some of his later efforts, at one moment I just didn’t care anymore and simply decided to watch for a title to pass on TV. Apparently this one hasn’t or i had something better to do


Caught about 20 mins on TV at some point … it barely registered, as it was so bland. I also ignored most of Clint’s 1980s offerings … and all it took was for that decade to end for him to become a respected Oscar winner :laughing: Stick ‘Pink Cadillac’, ‘The Rookie’, ‘Heartbreak Ridge’, ‘City Heat’, ‘The Dead Pool’ etc in your retrospective.

‘Pink Cadillac’ wasn’t even released theatrically in the UK … WTF! LOL Clint’s biography should be titled ‘From Schlub to Genius, a filmmaker’s Odyssey’ :thinking:

(Wilco Vedder) #1133

Well, he started the eighties with honkytonk man and bronco billy. Two movies I liked very much as it pictures the depression years from a personal point of view. People struggling to keep on living and forfilling their dreams.

And any which way you can was a major financial hit.
The movies Aldo mentions are indeed stickers.
What a bad way to end the dirty Harry franchise


‘Honkytonk Man’, had potential as a simple story - but one vital ingredient was missing, an actor who could sing. Making a growling self conscious whisper in front of a microphone isn’t singing!
In reality, ‘Red Stovall’ would never have made it to the Grand ole Opry … the songs are weak, the voice worse. He would have been booed off within seconds.
On top of all this stretching reality beyond belief, he dies during a recording session and is replaced by Marty Robbins, a singer with a very strong distinctive sound … if Eastwood expects anyone to swallow this BS, then he’s out of his frigging mind. :laughing: Go back to shooting psychopaths, immediately !!!

(Wilco Vedder) #1135

He Aldo,
Maybe the singing was not good but what I liked mostly was the setting.

Let’s face it, there were also no people walking around dragging a coffin but we swallow that as well :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Fantasy is one thing, and that coffin dragging is perfectly acceptable on those terms - but Clint is playing a character in a real world setting, and he has cast himself in a role in which he can’t deliver the goods.
No one at Malpaso challenges him, as he’s like a benign dictator - but that doesn’t mean he isn’t making dumb decisions as an a actor, producer and director. Let’s be blunt here - if it weren’t Eastwood in the leading role, but an equally unconvincing actor playing the part, the critics would have savaged this movie. Clint gets away with murder because he’s Clint … :roll_eyes:





LOL … so that genre of music does exist!? :rofl:


A list will have to be compiled. :grimacing:

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Something for the soundtrack collectors :joy:

(chuck connors brother) #1141

I will always love Heartbreak Ridge, his performance is hilarious., and Pale Rider was pretty good… but the rest of his 80s movie not so good, definitely his weakest decade, imo. I even found Sudden Impact and Tightrope hard to get through last time I saw them.


Agreed, there are some very funny one-liners :smile: but overall, it’s not great.

The affection people have for ‘Pale Rider’, absolutely confounds me … even my TV Guide gives it a maximum of 5 Stars (Unmissable) and yet gives the John Wayne classic, ‘The Cowboys’ a 2 Star rating (Average) … the reviewer must have a serious crush on Clint, and know sweet F.A about movies.

I suppose it’s just one you either love or hate … to me it looks and sounds like a Hallmark movie with a big name film star … it’s awful !!! :anguished:


As much as I love Clint, none of his US Westerns do much for me. I guess that one ^ is a tiny bit better than Joe Kidd

They probably think Shane is a rip-off of Pale Rider.

(Stanton) #1144

Pale Rider is really forgettable. Badly directed. Actually not well written either.