The Last Movie You Watched? ver.2.0

(Asa) #564

I’m not keen on old Disney pictures. The characters don’t seem to ever want to stop singing in these movies, and that bores me. To be clear, I’m not suggesting they’re no good - they’re 80 year-old miracles of cinema - I’m just saying that I saw them, and didn’t personally enjoy them. They’re not for me. The Eiger Sanction is okay, but no more than that, really. Not one of Clint’s better pictures by any means.


I know where you’re coming from, and to be honest I’d struggle to sit through a Disney movie these days - it just struck me as funny to hear the two mentioned in the same list.
Also, I’d likely opt for a Carry On movie, rather than Citizen Kane if it came down to it :relaxed: Sometimes shite is much more entertaining than art! LOL

(Asa) #566

Oh, I definitely would. I like Citizen Kane A lot but I bloody LOVE the Carry On pictures. Mind you, that Carry On ensemble are an incredibly talented bunch. I maintain that Hattie Jacques is one of the finest comedy actresses we’ve ever produced.

Sometimes I’ll take to a shit film purely because of its shitness (you know: Like The Creeping Terror or somesuch).

(Asa) #567

Yesterday: I, Tonya (Gillespie, 2017)

Not bad at all, this. Probably somewhat overly sympathetic to Tonya Harding’s position but then again the movie is telling an awful lot of its tale from her perspective. It happily does this though because it’ll equally happily present the same events from other perspectives too, as well as giving characters the opportunity to break the fourth wall and directly refute each other’s versions of events. In that sense, it reminds me a little of The Wolf of Wall Street (though I’d hasten to add that I, Tonya is not in the same league as that movie by any stretch) and quite a lot of Twenty Four Hour Party People, Michael Winterbottom’s look at Tony Wilson and the rise and fall of Factory Records. Margot Robbie is decent enough in the title role, bringing to mind Jaime Pressly’s turn as Earl Hickey’s dynamite white-trash ex-wife Joy Turner in My Name is Earl, and I didn’t even recognise Marvel’s Winter Soldier Sebastian Stan as Tonya’s bellend husband Jeff; but the movie is stolen from the pair of them by Allison Janney as Tonya’s utter c*nt of a mother.

To this day (literally: she was protesting her innocence on Good Morning Britain only this morning) the real Tonya Harding insists she had no prior knowledge of her ex-husband’s bumwitted plan to hobble Nancy Kerrigan and remove her from contention for the 1994 Winter Olympics.

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I watched the movie a while ago as well. One of the few Clints I had not watched yet because a) most people seemed to think it was one of his weakest movies, and b) I love Trevanian, the author of the book the movie was based upon

It seemed to me that Clint had simply misread the novel and misunderstood Trevanian’s intentions. The Eiger Sanction is a serious thriller novel, violent and nasty, but at the same time it’s clearly parodying the genre. The second Hemlock novel, The Loo Sanction (what a title!) goes even a step further in this aspect. Clints movie is watchable and there are a few well-executed scenes (notably towards the end), but overall it’s a ponderous, heavy-handed affair (while it should have been tongue-in-cheek) and yes, one of Clint’s least interesting efforts

Trevanian’s best novel is by the way The Main (not a Hemlock novel); The Summer of Katya is great as well.


Jigsaw (2017)

This movie blows, a complete waste of time this was. Always the same when they (cunts) try to drag out a franchise with writers who are so friggin clueless. Pffffft

(Asa) #570

Yup, I’d say that was a fair assessment. :+1:


A must watch for Travolta fans!

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I read his first 4 novels long, long ago. I liked them back then very much, especially the 2 Hemlock novels, which were violent and quite funny at the same time. The Main was pretty different, but good, and Shibumi was a tough thriller with some philosophical aspects and a too conventional ending. But then did not buy this Katya novel, and after that heard never again anything of him.
Looking at Wiki it seems he really disappeared for a long time, instead of building up on the Trevanian pseudonym.

Scherp, you think he was really that good?

(Bill san Antonio) #573

First 10 films of the 2018. D is for documentary and T for cinema.

  1. Biller: Love Witch
  2. Brooks: Young Frankenstein
  3. Zwigoff: Ghost World
  4. Kaurismäki: Leningrad Cowboys Goes America
  5. Ancarani: The Challenge (D)
  6. Aronofsky: Mother (T)
  7. Burton: Ed Wood
  8. Herzog: Grizzly Man (D)
  9. Webber: Girl With a Pearl earring
  10. Altman: A Prairie Home Companion

(scherpschutter) #574

He’s not my favorite thriller author - that would be either Raymond Chandler, Ross MacDonald or Patricia Highsmlith - but I still think he was pretty good. I read his novels long ago, when I wrote reviews of crime thrillers for a magazine. I remember that I gave The Main four out of five stars. I’ve never returned to any of the novels (I should re-read The Main). I don’t remember Shibumi very well.


Some minor classic called Alien (Director’s cut). Always really liked the added footage of Dallas cocooned.

@last.caress Isn’t it your all-time favourite picture, sir?

(Asa) #576

Indeed it is. Well, I’ve several big favourites depending on my mood as I’m sure do most of us but yes, if pressed to name just one, I’ll default to Alien every time.


It’s always nice to meet other people who prefer Alien to Aliens.

(Asa) #578

Tbh, I narrowly prefer Alien³ over Aliens, too. I mean, Aliens is a decent picture and I LOVED it back in its day but, over time, it’s felt to me like more of an eighties nostalgia movie to be enjoyed alongside Ghostbusters and f*cking Raiders of the Lost Ark. Not that that’s a bad thing, but its impact has lessened considerably for me whereas Alien remains a hugely elegant and tense horror/thriller, with one of the finest small ensemble of actors gathered for any movie.

Also, James Cameron repeatedly strikes me as a bit of an arrogant prat whenever I see him interviewed and this tends to impact negatively for me - if completely unfairly - on the movies he makes (even more unfairly, this glitch doesn’t affect my feelings about The Terminator which I still bloody adore; just the rest of his filmography. People, eh?:slight_smile:).


I see Alien as an artistic masterpiece, and Aliens as a popcorn movie. But a damn good one at that.

PS. I’ve always preferred the first Terminator over the second, as it’s more of a horror, which automatically appeals to me more.


An art film masterpiece! a must see! the scene’s speak for themselves!

(titoli) #581

Yes! More love for Fincher’s movie. We seem to be in minority though (I love Aliens and Alien3 about the same).

(The Man With a Name) #582

A masterpiece? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Can’t say I have fond memories of this one myself.

(The Man With a Name) #583

Me too! The first Terminator was always my favourite.