The Last Movie You Watched? ver.2.0

Love this movie, and not just cause it’s one of my Mom’s favorites :grin: Love Audrey Hepburn too, just something about her was enamoring and sophisticated. She was a gentlewoman. Definitely give her other work a chance, she’s worth it.

  1. Technine: Wild Reed 6/10
  2. Corbucci: Odds and Evens 5/10
  3. Ishii: Horros of Malformed Men 9/10
  4. Seikkula: Onks Viljoo näkyny? 2/10
  5. Jodorowsky: Endless Poetry 9/10
  6. Hitchcock: Linnut 6/10
  7. Herzog: Invincible 6/10
  8. Herzog: Invincible (w commentary track) 6/10
  9. Franco: Other Side of the Mirror 7/10
  10. Ashby: Harold & Maude 10/10
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Ended up watching a Jenny Tamburi double feature today though that wasn’t my intention.

I began with Smile Before Death (1972) from the latest Giallo Essentials collection.

Directed by Silvio Amadio (and also starring Rosalba Neri :heart_eyes:), this one started out a bit slow but came through with an interesting finish. It even had a very…very short cameo by Barbara Bouchet which shouldn’t be too surprising given that this was about the time Amadio filmed Amuck! with both her and Rosalba. One issue I had was that I didn’t get to see nearly enough of Rosalba but I am happy to report that the extras do provide a bit more. :wink:

The presence of Jenny Tamburi started me thinking about how much different she looked in Sergio Martino’s The Suspicious Death of a Minor which started me thinking about the tragedy of Claudio Cassinelli and how his outstanding career was cut so short. Therefore, I decided to give that one a re-watch as well.

I know the semi-comic nature of parts of this one isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I really enjoy it and I think that Cassinelli is outstanding in this role.


Still overcrowded with long term house guests here so my movie watching continues to be sadly curtailed. But I’ve been slowly pressing on with my year by year project and am finally done with 1942.

Mrs Miniver (Wyler / 1942) 5/10
Saboteur (Hitchcock / 1942) 6/10
The Ghost of Frankenstein (Kenton / 1942) 4/10
The Spoilers (Enright / 1942) 6/10
Woman of the Year (Stevens / 1942) 6/10
The Talk of the Town (Stevens / 1942) 7/10
Once Upon a Honeymoon (McCarey / 1942) 6/10
Casablanca (Curtiz / 1942) 9/10
This Gun for Hire (Tuttle / 1942) 7/10
The Glass Key (Heisler / 1942) 7/10
To Be or Not to Be (Lubitsch / 1942) 9/10
Went the Day Well? (Cavalcanti / 1942) 6/10
In Which We Serve (Lean / 1942) 7/10

So, the thing I’m enjoying most about this project of watching films chronologically from 1930 onwards is seeing the gradual changes; first in technology, then in production code influence and now, predictably, the war as a major plot element. Where the villains in the 1930s were mostly bankers or gangsters or corrupt politicians in 1942 they are almost uniformly Nazis or Fifth Columnists. In terms of genre, the romantic comedies still remain super strong, the war film (again predictably) starts to rear its head, and there is the early glimpses of what will become Film Noir. All in all an enjoyable year with To Be or Not to Be and Casablanca the stand outs for me.


Aguirre the Wrath of God - strange but very hypnotizing, 7/10
Cat O’ Nine tails - had potential to be better, still intriguing, 7/10
Ronin - surprised I had not seen, deserves more credit imo, 10/10
Wild Geese - very enjoyable, well acted and scripted, with great stars, 8/10
Long Good Friday - bit of a let down, expected more, 6/10
Code Name Wild Geese - Did not enjoy, bit of a lame duck, 4/10
the Aviator - one of Scorsese’s that never jumped out at me, glad I finally watched, 9/10
Death Wish - love Charles Bronson, never bothered with this one before, 7/10


An absolutely brilliant film imho. One of my favourites. A movie which seems to gain traction after having seen it, and then becomes better with each subsequent viewing.

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