The Last Movie You Watched? ver.2.0

I have seen this film at least five times now, and it gets better with each viewing. Totally engrossing, with some of the most amazing special effects I’ve ever seen on screen… an edge-of-your-seat space drama, that it is totally conceivable.
On the bluray, there’s an interesting little documentary, narrated by Ed Harris, that explains the real every-day threat posed by ‘space debris’, which is certainly worth watching, as an accompaniment to the main movie.

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Just watched this a couple of days ago on BD … my 2nd viewing. I enjoyed it very much this time, not much the first, as it seemed overly hyped when originally released, so I was a bit disappointed.

Loved the Eno-esque music too. Good show that doesn’t outstay it’s welcome :+1:



Ready Player One (2018, Steven Spielberg)

I was very sceptical, but Spielberg’s movie was a lot better than I expected. The film is set in 2045: people try to escape the harsh reality by entering a virtual world called OASIS, created by an eccentric genius, James Halliday, who died but left three easter eggs in the form of keys in his game: whoever will find the three keys, will inherit his fortune. Five young people – known as the High Five – try to solve the puzzle. Their major rival is a corporation run by an evil businessman …

I was sceptical because I feared the movie would look too much like a video game, hectic, flashing, with all the bells and whistles. It occasionally does (or maybe I should say: too often it does), but Spielberg still knows how to tell a story. There are lots of references to pop culture (recognizing them is part of the fun), and the sequence based on The Shining is truly mesmerizing (ironically Spielberg and Ernest Cline – the writer of the source novel – had to settle for The Shining after they failed to get the legal right to use imagery of Blade Runner). I wasn’t very happy with the male lead, Tye Sheridan, but Olivia Cooke is most certainly one of the more promising (and attractive) young faces in modern cinema

:star: :star: :star: ½ (out of 5)

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’Fist of Fury’, 1972

My favourite Bruce Lee film, with the ‘Little Dragon’ at his most dynamic.


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I love Bruce. I think this film is best acting job he did. The fight scenes of course are brilliant, particularly when Bruce takes out an entire Japanese dojo single handedly! That was filmed quickly as Bruce could film fights in one take.

Completists should seek out FIST OF FURY II with Bruce Li for the conclusion of the saga.

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Masochists? :wink:

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That too Sabastian! :joy:

Knives Out (2019, Rian Johnson)

The film pays homage to the classic British whodunit thrillers à la Agatha Christie, trying to parody the genre at the same time. It’s all there: the mansion, the old man who supposedly committed suicide (but was probably murdered), the shocking outcome of the will, the numerous family members who are all suspects, and the brilliant detective who explains things around the fire place (or any place else in the mansion). But not that the movie is not set in England, but in New England and that even Daniel Craig (as the detective) talks with an American accent.

Again I was a bit sceptical because I wasn’t very fond of the director’s earlier work (notably the much-hyped Looper), but I was very pleasantly surprised. Knives Out is not always as funny as it thinks it is, but it’s cleverly plotted and well-acted by a great ensemble cast. Craig overdoes things (deliberately) and his thick Southern accent is fake, but it all adds to the fun. A sequel is in the making.

:star: :star: :star: :star: (out of 5)


Bruce Li AKA Ho Chung Tao was one of the better Bruce Lee imitators. He was an excellent martial artist in his own right.

Bruceploitation flicks are often good fun. I collect them on vhs. Bunch of great titles as well, like The Clones of Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee in New Guinea and Bruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave (great poster art that one as well).


My personal favourite is Bruce Lee Against Superman (changed to Supermen - probably to avoid copyright issues). Bruce Li plays Kato, Green Hornet’s sidekick, and battles an evil Asian version of Superman - hilarious stuff!


Yeah, good stuff! Found that one in my Worldwide Video Productions collection, along with Bruce Against Iron Hand.

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New one to me!
One that sticks in my head is ENTER THE GAME OF DEATH. I liked it. At the same time I knew it was crap. IMO.

  1. Beauvois: Of Gods and Men 6/10
  2. Clayton: The Great Gatsby 6/10
  3. Clouzot: Les diaboliques (cinema) 7/10
  4. Miller & Ogilvie: Mad Max 3 Beyond Thunderdome 5/10
  5. Guercio: Electra Glide in Blue 7/10
  6. Lenzi: Cynic, Rat and the Fist 7/10
  7. Lenzi: Rome Armed to the Teeth 6/10
  8. Liverani: Il solco di pesca 5/10
  9. Fuest: Abominable Dr. Phibes 7/10
  10. Milius: Conan the Barbarian 10/10

Some all time blistering classics there Bill!

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I decided to rewatch and re-evaluate some of the great classics. I discovered lately that some of these once beloved movies did not stand the test of time. I started with THE GRADUATE, a movie I used to love a lot. Did it stand the test or not? I think it did, but there are a few problems and I can understand that others think it didn’t:


Am I the only one thinking this thread is somehow the same as this one?

Anyways, treated myself to a Frankie double feature on BluRay: Tony Rome and The Detective. Both great detective movies, both very different… highly recommended.


Rounded it off with Man in the Shadow by Jack Arnold. And in the morning I watched Will Penny. So you could say my Sunday was alright

I have these in a Frankie box set and have been meaning to revisit for a while. Then, coincidentally, I just read an article in Infinity magazine about them and now this.

Also remember The Detective was also a decent Frankie film in the same vein from the same period although not a Tony Rome flick.

Think I’ll nip upstairs and get that box set now.

Frank Sinatra was not only one of the greatest singers of all time, but he appeared equally at home with acting.

Some of his best performances were in ‘The Manchurian Candidate’, ‘The Man With the Golden Arm’, ‘The Naked Runner’, ‘Von Ryan’s Express’, and, of course ‘From Here to Eternity’.

Not a song in sight…just pure screen charisma.

Very underestimated, I think, in his acting ability…