The Last Film You Saw in the Cinema?

(titoli) #1221

Well, than that is no place for cinephile like you to live.

Just kidding, off course that is the valid obstacle, along with high ticket prices (again, I don’t know how it is in Belgium, but here tickets for weekdays are almost half of the price of the weekend tickets).

And now, something that is completely not in the sign of our times: Last week, in my hometown of Drniš a cinema was opened. Drniš is a small town, town itself has population of 3000. It used to have a cinema (place of my first cinema experience), but it lost it (along with more than half of the population) 26 years ago.

I must admit this got me teary-eyed a bit :slight_smile:

(ENNIOO) #1222

Yes very good reasons, and the reasons I no longer attend the cinema.

(Toscano) #1223

Hi, titoli!

I think - as with my case - one bad experience was enough. Personally, I’d rather wait for a good film to come out on Bluray, and then watch it in the security of my own home, with the Surround System at full blast, and the ability to pause the film, when the urge for cheese selection and Ruby Port calls…

Anyhows…to each his own…and I hope that you continue to have a great time at the cinema…
Adios, amigo.

(Stanton) #1224

You all forget one main point for cinema, I watch there films with friends, and that’s always fun.

(Toscano) #1225

Good for you, ‘stanton’…as with ‘titoli’, I sincerely hope that you continue to experience great cinema!

(Asa) #1226

You’ve got friends, Stanton??? :astonished:


(Stanton) #1227

And likes …

(Phil H) #1228

That is beautiful news. Love it.

(Stanton) #1229

Back in the saddle:

Nocturnal Animals - Tom (not John) Ford

Visually and thematically rich film which tells its story on 2 contrasting but complementing narrative levels. One is a novel from her ex-lover which Amy Adams reads, and which reflects in a tricky way their past relationship. 9/10

La La Land - Damien Chazelle

La, la, love you baby … yesterday “only” a 8, but like Nocturnal Animals it begins to grow later. Probably already a 9, and I have the desire to re-watch it immediately.
The glorious return of the cinema musical as homage to the 50s style represented by Gene Kelly, Stanley Donen and Vincente Minelli seen through the eyes of Jacques Demy.

(Sebastian) #1230

I think my last outing was La La Land, and Hell or High Water (2nd viewing)


John Wick 2( yes Franco Nero has a small part in this), and it wasn’t a bad film, but overtly exciting, as Keanu reeves is only an average actor.

(Stanton) #1232

Atomic Blonde - David Leitch

Atomic good 8/10

Charlize forever …

(Sebastian) #1233

Blade Runner 2049

(tomas) #1234

I was on Alien Covenant in May and when it ended, i wanted they give me my money back. Fuck. I love Prometheus with all its shortcomings, but with AC i was a lot disappointed.

(scherpschutter) #1235

wonder wheel

Wonder Wheel (Woody Allen, 2017)!

Woody Allen’s latest mixes the venom of Blue Jasmine (2013) - his most recent classic - with the nostalgia of some of his earlier work. The film is set in the 1950s Coney Island (the beach and amusement park). Kate Winslet stars as Ginny, a tragic middle-aged woman - a sort of modern day Anna Karenina - who causes her own downfall. When she was down on her luck, she was saved by Humpty (Jim Belushi), uncivilized but deep down inside loving and caring person. Things start falling apart again when Ginny falls in love with Mickey (Timberlake), a young lifeguard who dreams of being a famous playwright …

While not entirely as convincing as Blue Jasmine, this is still a good film by a man who knows his trade through and through. Winslet and Belushi are both terrific and Juno Temple is a nice surprise as Carolina, Humpty’s daughter, who ran away from her underworld husband and also starts developing feelings for the young lifeguard … It goes on a bit too long (it probably should have ended with the scene of Carolina walking away from Mickey) and some of the more explicative dialogue seems superfluous.

(Sebastian) #1236

The last few I saw in theaters were

The Killing of a Sacred Deer
Darkest Hour
Only God can Judge Me
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, MIssouri
Wind River
The Shape of Water

(Stanton) #1237

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - Martin McDonagh

Very entertaining stuff with a good mix of drama and humour, and lots of differentiated characters. 8/10
More a screenplay film than a director’s film btw

L’amant double - Francois Ozon

A tricky thriller by one of the most interesting modern directors. 8/10

(scherpschutter) #1238

I had the choice between that movie and the latest Woody (the rest of the program were uninteresting blockbusters). I opted for Woody.

(Asa) #1239

Not bad, but far from great. Fantastic central performance by Gary Oldman.

Terrific picture. A bit like a Coens movie (when they’re in a more serious mood). A big step up for writer/director Martin McDonagh imo from Seven Psychopaths and In Bruges, neither of which stood out for me (I realise this is a minority position and that most regard In Bruges as a modern classic).

Didn’t rate it at all. Didn’t think I was going to tbh but I thought I’d look in on it anyway since, on balance, I like GDT’s work more often than I don’t. But no, did nothing for me. Its incredibly well made but it has that arm’s-length sheen across it typical of del Toro’s movies which is fine with a bombastic, shallow piece like Pacific Rim or Blade II but which adversely affects films aspiring to be more intimate than that, imho.

(scherpschutter) #1240

That was the third choice we had. I don’t think I’ll ever watch it. This director and I are not on speaking terms, so to … well, speak. Incredibly well made, I guess so, but his movies are simply not my cup of art