The last exercise you got?

In the spirit of the many “last XXX you XXX’d” threads, I thought it might be interesting and useful to have a thread like this, to keep us motivated. :slight_smile:

I ran 45 minutes on the treadmill today…nope not a hangover cure I…I !!

good for you… me, 35 min on the treadmill just walking. Can’t do more than that. Also walked around town.

i worked my thumbs out on my PS3 controller…next up my thumbs will take a stab at the tv remote

haven’t done any real exercise in a while… had a gym membership for a couple years and went through spurts, but most of the time never used it

So let’s use this thread to motivate ourselves…live a little longer to watch more SW’s ! :smiley:

Actually I was just thinking need to start doing some things, but don’t want to pay for another gym membership or buy any equipment… Would like to get a bike and go riding, unfortunately its getting damn cold outside.

There’s always good old fashioned push ups

Apparently this worked for Jack Palance. ;D

Well just pushed the mouse today :smiley: .

Running around Playzone with the kid. (it’s one of those jungle gym type things with slides and ballpools and stuff but built to accommodate adults too).

Just got back from an hour of karate. Now…off to the hotel for a couple pints and some chicken wings. Huzzah!!! ;D

I hope you had a little lie down afterwards.

Yes :smiley: . Just cycled to my local town and done this weeks food shopping so thats it for today I think.

Use to exercise with these heavy things, don’t know what they are called :D. By the way Ennioo, everytime you mention cylcling I see Joseph Egger with a night hat cycling around ;D!

You are not alone re your thoughts on this Silence…its the image I like to portray : .

45 minute run on the treadmill.

walked a couple of miles home from work as buses very unrealiable on a friday. >:(

ask Devil Bunny :wink:

You naughty man I…I…Idiot :smiley: .

Walked to the fridge to get a beer. As an avid athlete I shall repeat this procedure a couple times more tonight.

You can either raise the pace of drinking or increase the number of beers to make the exercise more interesting