The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

Yeah Mickey you´re right

Unfortunately careful is not my midlle name, but Phil is right more pub less sport action for me not 20 anymore

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OK, here goes

Is it Hands Up Dead Man, You’re Under Arrest?

No makesthemovie, not that one.

10 bianchi uccisi da un piccolo indiano ? :thinking:

That’s the one, Aldo! :+1:

Thanks, Jonathan :smiley:

Try this one … not too difficult.

This is an American film with an impressive cast of stars and supporting actors, some of whom appeared in SWs and semi spags :thinking:

Is it The Wild Bunch?


The Professionals


Perhaps this will help ?

The Revengers maybe?

No, I’m afraid not.

Bite the Bullet, maybe…:thinking:

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That’s the one :smiley: over to you, Lone

Thx aldo.

Here’s an easy one, amigos.

Is it A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die?