The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

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That’s the one! :smiley:


Here we go … name this one!


Aldo, or any else here that has been to Almeria,

Have you ever seen any flash floods in Almeria? That Lucky Dickinson background, which is not Almeria, looks very much like passes I’ve seen in Death Valley, CA which can flood unbelievably quickly and totally mangle SUVS, much less people. I’ve been in a flash flood in the desert and it’s a surreal experience. I looked up Almeria flash floods and here is something I found:


Pleased to say I have never been caught up in that situation … Guess I’m ‘Lucky Dickinson’ in that respect. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Floods are dicks, so you’re deemed lucky being miles away from spitfire flooding. :grimacing:


If you know this guy, you’re half way there :roll_eyes:


Secret of Captain O’Hara.:thinking:


Intelligent guess, but wrong :laughing:


Gentiluomo Assassino aka l’uomo gentile che è noto per uccidere?


That’s the one, ‘Gentleman Killer’

over to you, Massimo :+1:


I see so many Italian language names of movie titles mentioned here that I am only familiar with in English that I decided to make up my two of my own for Gentleman Killer.

Okay, here is a movie whose title became so associated with its plot that the word in the title has taken on a whole new meaning.


Looks like Ingrid Bergman ? … but your clue has thrown me :confounded:


It’s her. However, if I were to tell you that I never posted any picture and I then tried to get you to question your sanity for suggesting that I did, then that would be along the lines of what the title of the movie has become to mean in its new form as a verb, which is unrelated meaning-wise to the noun that is this movie’s title, except in the context of this particular movie’s plot.


The movie must be ‘Gaslight’ ? … but I’ve never heard it used as a verb before, hence my confusion. :laughing:


That’s it. Gaslighting is associated most with the media.


I must be living in a cave ! :grinning:


Here’s a change of pace … a rip roaring adventure classic - not Italian.


The film has one well known Oscar winning actor … not this lady though :smile:


Is there an Oscar in the cast?


Yes there is … sounds like you know it? LOL :grinning: