The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


7 Women for the MacGregors AKA Sette donne per i MacGregor ?

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That’s the one, Aldo!


Shouldn’t be too difficult

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10,000 Dollars for a Massacre!


Correct! :+1:

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OK, here you go :slightly_smiling_face:


L’avventuriero della Tortuga ?

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Haha, that’s right Aldo, you are really fast!


Thanks JC … Riccardo Pizzuti was a good clue :grinning:

Here’s another for you. Same location that El Indio’s gang use in ‘For a Few Dollars More’ … but it’s an earlier movie.

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Antes llega la muerte


Absolutely right - also known as ‘Seven from Texas’ :grinning:

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I thought the picture above looked familiar - here is a photo that I took in Tabernas 2 weeks ago…


I love it! … you’re at slightly different angle, but that’s the place - Was it a hard trek to get there ? It’s one place I’ve yet to visit.

(MMcG) #8955

It is great to see the movie locations come alive when visiting them.
This location is a short walk (~15 minutes) from the N-340A road - the view is even better after walking up the path that the wagons are on and looking down into the ravines - classic SW scene with the road winding around the hills.
There seems to be some changes at the turnoff from the road - last year this was an open area with some sort historical information sign as a good reference point but now the sign is gone and some fencing has been put up to leave a smaller entrance area to the ravines.

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Let’s try this one



Is it ….

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Yes but different pseudonym and opening title sequence in my copy, just to be sure give me the title :thinking:


I’m just guessing here ‘Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows’ aka ‘Inginocchiati straniero… I cadaveri non fanno ombra!’ :thinking:

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Not that one, Aldo!


‘The Ballad of Django aka: Giù le mani… Carogna!’ … ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: