The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


Released 1972 - Directed by a former actor :face_with_monocle:


Is it about a future world leader?


Indeed it is … thought I was being subtle this time :smiley:


Simon Ward as … ?


Young Winston? :uk::face_with_monocle:


’Les Griffes du Lion’ exactly! - nice poster :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, Aldo. This is a SW but can anyone get it from this image? :point_down:


‘Turn the Other Cheek’ aka ‘Long Live, Your Death’ ?


It’s not that one. This has few, if any, comedic elements.


That rules out my next guess ‘The Stranger and the Gunfighter’, as I thought there might be an ass theme. :thinking:


This movie, like most SWs, goes by at least two English titles. Of the titles I know of, one includes the name of a recurring character like Django, Sartana, Sabata, Ringo, or Trinity. The alternate title has a word in it that is also in the other title, but is not the recurring character name.


It looks like a Demofilo Fidani SW by those pics :grimacing:


It is Demofilo Fidani but Sean O’Neal took all the credit. :wink:

(Rutledal) #8615

Shadow of Sartana… Shadow of Your Death?


Your turn, Rutledal, because that is correct!


(Rutledal) #8617

Gonna have to pass up this one.


Time to resurrect the thread - Who remembers this masterpiece? :thinking:


Clues: The guy with the blue bandana is the leading man - There are two well known American actors, who have both appeared in many SWs


Too tough, eh? :thinking:


That lady looks familiar, kind of a Raquel Welch/Helen Shaver/non-platinum Loni Anderson hybrid :face_with_monocle:.