The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

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Play Motel?


That’s the one Bill.:+1:

If i ever watch the film again, i think i’ll double the beer amount.:stuck_out_tongue:

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Sounds like a good fun.

New pic:


Can’t figure this one at all - Need some clues, please :worried:

(Bill san Antonio) #8286


That is Paul Nicholas in Lisztomania.

(Bill san Antonio) #8288

Yes it is. Crazy film.


Not your typical Franz Liszt drama. :wink:

This one has the name of a color in the title: Many copies of this movie online but all of similar :face_vomiting: quality.



The villain of this film would have been ideal for SWs but I don’t think he was in any. He’s got over 300 credits, co-starred in an Eastwood movie, and looks like an action hero. That’s him below looking like wrestler Superstar Billy Graham but that exact look is atypical for him. The director directed a classic martial arts movie.

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Is it William Smith, co-star of Any Which Way You Can, in the Robert Clouse directed Darker Than Amber?


Why yes! :wink: You’re up, Rutledal.

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Only film I have at hand.


Was this a team-up movie with characters from two different movies? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Rutledal) #8295

No, but there might be such a film featuring “characters” from this film.


If it’s that character’s second appearance and he’s known for a certain hairstyle, I have a good idea, but I’ll let someone else guess this one. :wink:

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I will intervene and say that an analysis of the first image’s data looks like nothing I have ever seen on a periodic table, so it must be Predator 2 (character’s second appearance and he’s known for a certain hairstyle).

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That is correct.


Thanks. One of the reasons this SW stands out to me is because it has several scenes(like this one) that look more like northeast USA in autumn than the standard west coast desert shot look, which this has as well. Where would this wooded area be filmed?

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Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die?