The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


OK, … let’s put this to bed ?

Set of bagpipes hanging on the wall … ring a bell ? :rofl:

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Return of Hallelujah or 7 Guns for the McGregors


Correct … :rofl: That was like pulling teeth.


Not to be confused with Up the MacGregors!, whatever that expression means…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:220px-Up_the_MacGregors!

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I’ll jump in here while there is a gap.

In AFFOD Clint frees the beautiful Marianne Koch & child (and husband) and sends them away with some money…

But can you name these 2 other SW movies where a woman & child are rescued from bandits and sent away with some money?

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The latter screenshot looks like Un dollaro tra i denti (1966).


I Am Sartana, Trade Your Guns for a Coffin?

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Please do take my turn. I don’t really have access to any movies at the moment.

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Both correct!


Time to resurrect this thread … pretty famous one here. Get guessing, hombres :grinning:


Quien Sabe? :thinking:


Correcto ! … and in record time, amigo. Your turn por favor :grinning:


Phew, I just blurted out the first Zapata western I could think of :grinning:

Okay this one should be easy. Underrated film:


Wild guess, Death Rage, aka Anger in his Eyes ?



It’s a giallo :slightly_smiling_face:


‘Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion’ ? :grinning:


Another clue:

It’s from 1977.


Wild stab (pun intended) :grinning:

‘Watch me when I kill’ aka ‘The Cat with Jade Eyes’ ?