The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


Zorro alla corte Spagna

(I took out “di” so it would be 20 characters.:grin:)

(JonathanCorbett) #7382

No Spanish Court, but you’re very close. :relaxed:

(El Topo) #7383

Zorro il cavaliere della vendetta

(JonathanCorbett) #7384

No El Topo, not that one (Lone Gringo was closer…).

(El Topo) #7385

El Zorro from Guido Zurli

(JonathanCorbett) #7386

That’s the one, amigo!

(El Topo) #7387

Great, thanks Corbett actually I’ve seen both movies (with some fastforward activity).

Let’s try this one






Man of the East

(Fuck the 20 characters!)

(El Topo) #7389

That’s the one Lone Gringo,

No need for the Terence Hill pic with the Sherlock Homes hat then

Up to you now


Thanks. How about this one.

(Rutledal) #7391

Emmanuel and the something?


No, it’s not an Emmanuel movie. Here’s two more.


Hmmm no guess’s, heh!..A few pic’s more.

(JonathanCorbett) #7394

Terza ipotesi su un caso di perfetta strategia criminale (1972)?


Not that one Jonathan, but you’re on the right track.:slight_smile:

(El Topo) #7396

Fragment of fear

(JonathanCorbett) #7397

Eye In The Labyrinth


Yes, that’s the one Jonathan. Mario Caiano did some pretty good stuff IMO, I like most of his films and this one is no exception. Anyways, take it away J.C!

(JonathanCorbett) #7399

Thanks Lone Gringo, how about this one

(JonathanCorbett) #7400

Here’s one more :wink: