The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

(El Topo) #7401

Il testimone deve tacere

(JonathanCorbett) #7402

That’s right El Topo, yeah.

(El Topo) #7403

Grazie mille Corbett.

Never seen it (somewhere in my watchlist whatever that is), but recognized Daniele Vargas distinctive face.

Let’s try this one





(ENNIOO) #7404

More Dead Than Alive ?

(El Topo) #7405

Sorry Ennio to answer so late

But yes of course that the one, no need for the Vincent Price pic. A nice little western by the way

Up to ou now

(ENNIOO) #7406

Cheers, what about this one:





(JonathanCorbett) #7407

Sentivano uno strano, eccitante, pericoloso puzzo di dollari :relaxed:

(ENNIOO) #7408

Thats correct Jonathan ! :relaxed:

(JonathanCorbett) #7409

Thanks ENNIOO, here’s an easy one:

(JonathanCorbett) #7410

Two more…

(Bill san Antonio) #7411

First one looks familiar, I just can’t come up with the title. Death Laid an Egg maybe?

(JonathanCorbett) #7412

No Bill, not that one: it is a slightly different kind of film, a well-known Italian production from those years.

(Rutledal) #7413

The Conformist?

(JonathanCorbett) #7414

Not that one, Rutledal.

(JonathanCorbett) #7415

Pic 3 shows a key element… :wink:


Closed Circuit?

(JonathanCorbett) #7417

No Ion Britton, it’s not Montaldo’s movie.

(El Topo) #7418

Murder Obsession from Freda

(JonathanCorbett) #7419

Not at all El Topo, Bill and Rutledal were closer in terms of release year!

(Farmer_J) #7420

Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion?