The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


It’s not Una vacanza all’inferno. It’s more recent than anything guessed so far.


(Cat Stevens) #9057

I Google-cheated this one earlier today. I would have thought F. Murray Abraham’s career started much earlier than They Might Be Giants!


He seemed to come out of nowhere to major actor with Amadeus.

I read that he’s been married since 1962 to the same woman. His father was Assyrian, mother Italian, and he grew up Orthodox Christian. For his stage name, he added “F” to his real name, Murray Abraham, to honor his father, Fahrid.

(El Topo) #9059

One thing is for sure, I konw a lot about FAM career now

Il mercante di pietre ?


It’s not Il mercante di pietre.

What’s in the title and the dvd cover/poster aren’t actually in the movie.

(El Topo) #9061

my other guess

A House Divided or Israel under fire or Language of the Enemy

(Rutledal) #9062

Cross-referencing DVD covers on IMDb I think it is Bloodmonkey

(carlos) #9063

That could be Mia Sara in the first pic? By the Sword (1991)


:+1: I thought that would be your immediate next guess after Surviving the Game.

There are no monkeys in Blood Monkey.

(Rutledal) #9065

No monkeys? That’s ridiculous. Or is it a technicality thing where it is actually a “blood ape”?


There is a cgi ape but no monkeys, although apes are sometimes referenced as monkeys :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

Just like a bathroom sometimes becomes a chamber. :wink:

(Cat Stevens) #9067

That’s not Full Metal Jacket, is it?


Military toilets would be spotless at least until Pvt Pyle’s death scene.

This is a scene kind of reminiscent of Happy Day’s Fonzie using Al’s diner’s bathroom as his office.

(Rutledal) #9069

Not FMJ.

This movie was remade within the last 15 years, and both the remake and original was followed by sequels featuring a different lead.


Walking Tall ?

(Rutledal) #9071

That’s correct


Here’s another Spag for you - good luck :grinning:


Prey of Vultures.:thinking:


Yes … that’s the one :+1:


Thanks aldo… Let’s try this.

It’s a Fantasy movie.:slightly_smiling_face: