The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

(carlos) #9063

That could be Mia Sara in the first pic? By the Sword (1991)


:+1: I thought that would be your immediate next guess after Surviving the Game.

There are no monkeys in Blood Monkey.

(Rutledal) #9065

No monkeys? That’s ridiculous. Or is it a technicality thing where it is actually a “blood ape”?


There is a cgi ape but no monkeys, although apes are sometimes referenced as monkeys :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

Just like a bathroom sometimes becomes a chamber. :wink:

(Cat Stevens) #9067

That’s not Full Metal Jacket, is it?


Military toilets would be spotless at least until Pvt Pyle’s death scene.

This is a scene kind of reminiscent of Happy Day’s Fonzie using Al’s diner’s bathroom as his office.

(Rutledal) #9069

Not FMJ.

This movie was remade within the last 15 years, and both the remake and original was followed by sequels featuring a different lead.


Walking Tall ?

(Rutledal) #9071

That’s correct


Here’s another Spag for you - good luck :grinning:


Prey of Vultures.:thinking:


Yes … that’s the one :+1:


Thanks aldo… Let’s try this.

It’s a Fantasy movie.:slightly_smiling_face:


I hope it’s The Golden Voyage of Sinbad with my favorite Dr. Who Tom Baker, John Philip Law, and Caroline Munroe.

(Cat Stevens) #9077

Haha. They looked a lot cleaner on my tiny phone screen!


Yes, that’s the one makesthemovie.:+1:…Over to you.


Thanks Lone Gringo, since this is my first go around on this thread, I figured it should be an SW. Let’s see how this one fairs.


‘The Specialist’ ? :thinking:


That’s the one Aldo, your turn.


Thank you :smiley:

Ok … this one is from the 60s, by a famous American director.