The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

[quote=“Bill san Antonio, post:20, topic:907”]Wild guess:
Have a Good Funeral, My Friend… Sartana Will Pay[/quote]

Close but that’s not the one.

Instead of attaching the image you should just upload it to a free hosting site like . Paste the link you get there directly into the text field highlight the url and press the image-icon in the toolbar.

okay I will try that next time :-).

I will give some help since this seems to be difficult.

It’s Rick Boyd behind bars on the picture.

[quote=“Dorado, post:24, topic:907”]It’s Rick Boyd behind bars on the picture.[/quote]I recognised him immediately. :slight_smile: So, If no-one else is going to answer I’ll guess again: if it’s not have a good funeral it’s gotta be Sartana, Angel of Death.

You are right :smiley:

it sure is “I Am Sartana Your Angel of Death/Sartana the Gravedigger”

I hope this isn’t too difficult:

Here is another one for you chaps :):

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:28, topic:907”]Here is another one for you chaps :):[/quote]Hey! Only one pic at time!

Ennioo - is that ‘poker with pistols’?

Sorry ;D.

Nope :).

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:31, topic:907”]Sorry ;D.

Nope :).[/quote]
Belle Starr story (last guess then I’ll shut up)

Nope :D.

Fuck it - I’m going for a cider!

No problem Reverend .

[quote=“Bill san Antonio, post:27, topic:907”]I hope this isn’t too difficult:
Too difficult for me ???, but at least it has (cleverly) got the image onto this page :wink:

@ Ennioo

Era Sam wallach?

[quote=“Phil H, post:37, topic:907”]@ Ennioo

Era Sam wallach?[/quote]

Good try Phil…but no :).

ENNIOO, Challenge of the MacKennas, right?

Yes, that is correct Bill…well done ! .