The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread Version 2.0

Looks like The Plainsman with Gary Cooper.

Yes, that’s right, it’s The Plainsman. Your turn, Lone_Gringo.

Ok, have a go at this one.

Firepower (1979) ?

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That’s the one aldo, over to you.

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Thank you, LG

Here are a couple of familiar faces to SW fans, but which non western is this ?

Is it Agent 3S3, Massacre in the Sun with George Ardrisson, Frank Wolff, and Fernando Sancho?

It’s not a spy movie.

Does this help ? the actress, not always immediately recognizable, went from ‘The Sweet Life’, to appearing in many ‘B’ movies.

It is “Crónica de un atraco”
I have the good old German VHS

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That’s the one, over to you. :smiley:

Perfect :slight_smile:

OK, a more easy one :wink:

It´s a Spaghetti Western

Roy Colt & Winchester Jack ?

Yep :slight_smile:

Over to you…

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Thanks, Grinder :wink: