The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread Version 2.0

This film’s star went on to appear in a Leone film five years later.

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Of course I’m busy thinking westerns when I should be thinking Peplum ! Rory Calhoun in ‘Red Sundown’

Good one , HP


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Haha, thank you aldo, indeed it’s Red Sundown and Rory Calhoun. Here’s a double whammy of pensive Rory in a lengthy superimposed flashback sequence.

Back to you! :wink:

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Thank you, Hired Peon

Now an actress who enjoyed the sweet life, and a director who’s biggest hit could be described as blind luck?

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Ok, time to ring the bell on this … I thought the clues would make it a giveaway, Sweet life, ‘La Dolce Vita’, Anita Ekberg and the director is Amando de Ossorio of the ‘Blind Dead’ quartet.

‘Fangs of the Living Dead’ aka ‘Malenka’ (1969)

The floor is open for anyone wanting to offer us a challenge.


You rang the bell too soon, @aldo - I was just about to post the answer.
I’ll go anyway…

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Going with a wild ( wrong ) guess - ‘The Pride and the Passion’ ?


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Good guess, right location, but this is set about twenty years after the Peninsular War, and is based on a historical character, though probably more legend than fact…

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Is it ’ Llanto por un bandido’ ? … we may have had this one before


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Yes that’s the one, @aldo - I’ve talked about it before on here.
It’s a handsomely filmed adventure/drama with lots of familiar faces. The DVDs are somewhat washed out looking but there is a nice Spanish TV rip.
Your turn again.

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Thanks, Montero … I really must get around to watching it.

Now then … time for a little, ‘Baba boom, bada bing!’ … ‘Ooooooh, you kiss your mudder wit dat mouth!?’

Who doesn’t love a good Mafia flick … here’s one that’s pretty entertaining.

This one is a co-Italian/American production by a director who made 2 SWs …

Crazy Joe

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That’s the one … directed by Carlo Lizzani in 1974 … starring Peter Boyle in the title role.

Over to you.

Try this

Escape to Athena ?

Absolutely. Back to you

Thank you,

Here’s one that got much attention at the time of release, but seems to have reseeded in the memory, possibly because of it’s underlying domestic nastiness. It’s not gory or sensational, just unpleasant to watch.

A few more screens that should make this easy peasy …