The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread Version 2.0

Spot on, @Massimo, your turn. :+1:

Thanks, Mickey.

It may be hard to select stills on this one without giving it away but I’ll try this:

Wild guess … though I have no real idea, ‘1900’ ?

This one doesn’t have any American actors.

A clue is that it’s not historical in that it takes place in the time it was filmed.

It’s also not in the drama or action genre.

Is it some kind of documentary or experimental film ??? I’m wild guessing again ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ ? :smile:

It’s not Sympathy for the Devil but it is one of the two genres you mentioned.

It started kind of a new sub-genre within that genre.

Mondo Cane ?

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That’s it! :earth_africa: :dog2: I tried to string the first 5 images so it looked like a mob movie. :horse:


Pretty sneaky ! LOL

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Ok … thanks Massimo - No prize for recognizing this guy, but which one of his films is this ?

You even threw in the bionic woman. :wink:

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Oh, so I did! :wink: Reckon someone might put 2 n 2 together ?

That’s High Risk, not easy to choose pics for this one I guess.

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Forgot about ‘Bionic Linsay’ ! … ok El Topo, over to you amigo :smile:

Thank’s Aldo

i didn’t recognized the Bionic Woman, but Borgnine’s Cat hat.

So let’s try this one

Definitely an 80’s film; Desert Hearts?

No still a 70’s film, the director more known for his TV work

A few more hints

There’s a well known actor in this film at the start of his career, and the director made a film with a major Western Spaghetti actor

This has to be Over the Edge.

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