The great silence

I know im a greenhorn but the great silence , other than the Leone dusters has got to be the best iv;e seen. any recomendations welcome.

                                         Regards jimi

In many ways I envy you being a greenhorn. You have some great films ahead of you and discovering them for the first time is the best.

For recommendations I would always advise checking out our Top 20 and Alternative Top 20. These lists have been compiled based on our members votes and are a pretty good reflection of the best the genre has to offer. You can access them from the main page but here are the links anyway:

Also, as a side issue, if you want to comment on a particular film, check if there is already a thread for it before you start a new one. (Most films do have a thread by now) The thread for The Great Silence is here:,112.0.html

Enjoy your journey through Spaghetti Land amigo and welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum rhodesboy66.