The Great Silence / Il grande silenzio (Sergio Corbucci, 1968)


Don’t mind me, i’m just passing through. But thought you could use this here map, good luck!:no_mouth:

(Diamond) #443

You should have given this to the Frank Wolf’s sherrif. :joy:

(Sebastian) #444

It’s a movie, sometimes it’s good not to overthink it, because I am pretty sure the makers didn’t either

(Novecento) #445

I’ve been doing that regularly since Kinowelt announced it years ago and then never released it.

(Toscano) #446

If ‘Star Trek’, the Original Series, kept going for three series - purely down to the fans insistence on a second and third series - then, surely, the fans of sites such as ‘SWMDB’ can do the same.

The Companies that produce these ‘Spaghetti Westerns’ (‘Koch Media’ ‘Explosive Media’ etc), know that they are catering to a group of ‘Spaghetti’ afficienados.

Surely to goodness, if other ‘pressure groups’ (no matter what the subject) can influence Companies, Corporations, and the Environment, then why doesn’t the ‘SWDB’ - and all its supporters - do the same.

If ‘SWDB’ fans are wishing to see Classics, such as ‘The Great Silence’ released on Bluray etc.; then surely ‘SWDB’ has enough ‘influence’ and ‘history’ behind it, to influence a Production Company?

I’m probably talking through my sombrero…but - it seems to me - that ‘SWDB’ has enough ‘pull’ to, at least, put forward suggestions for future releases.

If those ideas are ignored by a Company, then fine…but at least everyone on ‘SWDB’ is telling the Company what the consumer desires…

Just a thought…

(Sebastian) #447

so you are saying I should send StudioCanal an email? :wink:

(morgan) #448

or the head of a horse

(Stanton) #449

Better that …

(Novecento) #450

There must be an issue with obtaining a quality master for this one. Most SWs on blu-ray aren’t exactly going to be best-sellers and still get released, yet this is one that would probably actually sell a fair few copies.

(Sebastian) #451

Yes I think so too, I dont think they are holding back out of spite

(Toscano) #452

Sebastian, even I’m not sure how to go about influencing these Production Companies, regarding the release of particular titles. It was simply an idea (perhaps a naïve one), that with ‘SWDB’ being, in my opinion, THE ‘Spaghetti Western’ site on the Internet to promote the genre, then, perhaps, the members on here - who have vastly more experience, and contact in the ‘Spaghetti’ genre than I - might have an idea of their own, as to how and influence ‘decision making’ regarding future releases.

Remember: the majority of the time, the big Companies are driven by ‘Consumer Demand’.

As I said; I’m not sure how to go about it. Perhaps SWDB members agreeing (via a new thread) on a particular title that they would like to see, from a particular Company. Once a popular Spaghetti title for potential future release has been reached by members, then each member could bombard the necessary Bluray/DVD Production Company with letters, e-mails etc.
At least, the consumers would be voicing their opinions in no uncertain terms.

I don’t know…

One thing is for sure…I think an e-mail from Sebastian would be preferable to the head of a horse, from ‘morgan’.
Don’t get me wrong, ‘morgan’, the horse’s head is a ‘bloody’ good idea…but you wouldn’t be able to fit it into a padded envelope…

(Gritz) #453

Yeah finding a good master could definitely be an issue but also Arrow said they tried to get the rights but couldn’t so don’t know who does have their palms on the rights.

(Novecento) #454

The whole rights question seems to be very complicated in certain cases. For example, apparently Arrow couldn’t get the rights to the French audio for “Cemetery without Crosses” which is a real shame and the reason why I still haven’t parted with my old DVD in favor of their new Blu-ray (one day when I’m feeling rich I might succumb however).

(Sebastian) #455

The news we have been waiting for.

The french cinematheque has restored the film and its alternate ending and 4k remastered it

The Great Silence DVD/Blu-Ray

Great news,…I’m really glad and look forward to it.

(Novecento) #457

Awesome news! I think we can safely assume a blu-ray will follow?

Here’s the original French announcement:

(Sebastian) #458

I am also hoping for a theatrical re-release. Added the info to our entry page,_Il

(carlos) #459

I recently viewed and hopefully the next will be on blu-ray :slight_smile: Concerning the DB; I don’t recognize Silence’s father but for me he’s not Emilio Messina. The stage driver is Antonio Danesi not Pacifico. I did not see Giovanni or Franco Ukmar but Giancarlo is an outlaw in the saloon, Sergio is a bounty killer in the opening and Clemente is one of Sanchez’s bounty killers. Bruno is maestro d’armi but I didn’t spot him. I did not see Mauro Mannatrizio, William Mayor or Fulvio Pellegrino. I do not know Lorenzo Terzon, but Lino Coletta and Virgilio Ponti are bounty killers.

(JonathanCorbett) #460

He’s the man struggling with Tigrero’s whip!

(Gritz) #461

So happy that this has been restored in 4k. Blu-ray releases are only a matter of time now!!!