The Great Silence DVD/Blu-Ray

If anyone is after the digital classics edition, it’s available from for £7.99 (used - very good condition). My friend had this and gave it to me since he doesn’t watch it anymore. I didn’t know it was such a sought after edition. :smiley:

I want my Blu-ray. Come on Kinowelt, we’ve been waiting years since you promised it…

I don’t have it but I heard the PQ is terrible so I never bothered. I know we are all desperate for The Great Silence on blu but I am afraid this is not it.

I am thinking about purchasing Sergio Corbucci’s The Great Silence on Blu Ray from Japan, but i’m hoping that someone here has already done so, so they can give me some feedback. One important thing i’d like to know, is which ending is shown at the end of the film? Because I know that in Japan they originally had a different ending, but not sure about the Blu Ray…

This alternative ending was never used for any release. There is only one version of the film worldwide, apart from censorship cuts made in former times. But the DVDs are normally all uncut.

It looks like the Fantoma US DVD of The Great Silence has gone OOP and goes for outrageous prices now. Glad I got it in September for $10.

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I hope Blue Underground comes to the movie’s rescue, then.

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Why on earth the bluray version hasn’t released by now!!!
F**** why???
You guys over there in europe , don’t you know anything about it???
Tired of waiting for!

You missed the discussion in another topic. There are in fact BluRays coming this december, as the film has finally been successfully restored. See here: The Great Silence / Il grande silenzio (Sergio Corbucci, 1968)

I think we should consolidate a few of the Great Silence BluRay related topics

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That’s good news Marshal.

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I wonder what aspect ratio we’re going to get for this. I’m assuming it will be 1.85:1 given Mike’s comment.

By the way haven’t ever heard back from my email I sent that company, but let’s keep hoping for the best :slight_smile:

Pre-order this magnificent upcoming edition of The Great Silence:


Here is my review