The Great Silence DVD/Blu-Ray

I believe that the original aspect ratio of the Great Silence is 1.66:1 so a 2.35:1 and even a 1.85:1 version will be cropped (missing top/bottom of screen)

Thanks for the info.

But if anyone knows what ratio the Japanese print is in, please give me a buzz.


You can see it here:

It is in the original 1.66:1 aspect ratio.

Get the british release. Will be much cheaper and just as good.

or the australian or german

i have a Japanese dvd in the Macaroni box set and i also have a Japanese laserdisc and both of them are 1.66:1

Thanks for the information everyone, much appeciated.

Well, I think that time has come to make a new purchase!!!

Any news about picture quality of Japan reissue by Imagica?
Thanks in advance.
Regards, Vaso

[quote=“djvaso, post:8, topic:437”]Any news about picture quality of Japan reissue by Imagica?
Thanks in advance.
Regards, Vaso[/quote]

Not too great apparently. Non-anamorphic 1.66:1. Why not just buy the British (or similar) release. Far cheaper.


I already have most of the Japanese releases and i don’t really want to get them again if i can help it as they cost me a small fortune the first time around.

I currently have the American print to the Great Silence, which is roughly in around 1.85 ratio.

I have seen a trailer to the film on a Japanese disc that also presents the film in this ratio.

However, I have seen another Japanese trailer that presents the film in at least 2.35 aspect ratio.

So, my question is does anybody know if the Japanese Great silence release is in at least 2.35 aspect ratio?


Everybody listen up

DigitalClassics (UK) is going to re-release IL GRANDE SILENZIO. no word yet on specs or anything, but please report back about: a) what you want to see in this release b) what material there’s out there to be included possibly c) what material you own that you might be able to provide to the company for the release.

post away, gringos

My first thought must be: Does the world really need another Great Silence release !? I mean, I got the British Eureka release which has the Italian dub and English subtitles. The only thing that release lacked was an anamorphic picture. Hell there has even been a fine Danish dvd release of that movie.

If the world does need it, I’ve got some different original Danish material. For example the Danish movie poster:

I think the word does need a new release

The French release is anamorphic, but has no English language track
On the disc is a documentary (English language) that is called (I think) Westerns Italian Style
It has interview with both Corbucci and Castellari (on the set of, respectivily, The Great silence and I came and Saw I shot) and it should be included (on disc 2)

The BBFC site does not indicate the last U.K dvd was cut, so at least this new release should follow the same path in this respect.

Haha - whoever the artist is that did the poster hasn’t got KK right. He’s hovering around the ‘35% gorgeous and 65% gargoyle’ normally I reckon. In this he’s at least 80% gargoyle!
I haven’t seen a KK portrait so :stuck_out_tongue: since I got a Thai Sartana…Angel of Death one with him on.

I agree… Too much gargoyle in Klaus… Jean-Louis isn’t too fab looking either … Don’t know who did the Danish poster but am pretty sure they had him shot right after he did this one…

They should release the 1,78:1 widescreen version, which, as we have maybe learned meanwhile, should be the correct aspect ratio.

Ohh … and I want the happy end version!

Away with these depressing stuff!

Let us be more positive!

haha well I do hope they include it, even though there’s no sound for it to my knowledge

Oh, where did we learn that?