The Good, the Bad and the Ugly vs. Once Upon a Time in the West

I’m sure this has been done a million times before, but I can’t seem to find a topic about it.

I’m new to this site so I’m just wondering what hardcore spaghetti fans think is the better film out of the two :slight_smile:

OUATITW for me :slight_smile:

Que the fireworks :slight_smile: I think OUATITW is a more epic, high budget affair but it runs a bit slow overall. For me BGU is a more enjoyable watch. Both are amazing though.

GBU by a hair.

Hey, were you looking under the suds? :o

Man, both are absolute greatness in the movie world but, the greatest film of all time has to be The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Leone, Morricone, Eastwood, Wallach, and Van Cleef…enough said!

OUATITW is a magnificent piece of cinema and I adore it.
But for pure entertainment value it is GBU for me.

Wow, I thought my choice of GBU would have been in the minority.

Not so surprising. GBU is a clear favourite in our official Top 20

The Good, the Bad and The Ugly is one of the most entertaining movies I know. For me it’s a perfect mixture of different Genres. It offers the best introduction of three main characters I know.

Once upon a Time in the West is pure Western (not only Spaghetti Western!). It’s a marvellous photographed movie which offers one of the best soundtrack.

Really hard to say cause both movies are great and masterpieces but I enjoy GBU slightly more than OUTW. OUTW has a melancholic touch which GBU only shows in the War Scenes. For me GBU is more entertaining as OUTW. :slight_smile:

I would proably say “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” because its more fun, with “Once Upon a Time in the West” its more of a sad film, so not quite as enjoyable. But both movies are fantastic.

GBU is pure spaghetti western while OUATITW is more a general western so to speak.

Maybe OUATITW also is more of a genuine Leone movie? Even he was perhaps somewhat influenced by other SWs for GBU, whereas OUATITW was a highly personal film, his dream project.

I prefer GBU and I’m not very fond of OUATITW, no matter how well-made it is I still think it’s over-rated and not spaghettiesque enough.

I remember some people saying that they don’t even consider OUATITW to be a SW because its very “hollywood” compared to the dollars films. While I won’t go that far I guess its not “Schlocky” enough to be a true SW for some people.

Even GBU has some B movie appeal to it, but OUATITW is what Lindberg said, a general western. But yeah, I’m sure Leone would’ve prefered it over GBU because he wasn’t limited by the budget and and locations and all that. Plus he got to work with his two dream actors Bronson and Fonda.

While it is #1 in the top 20, that is from all the people who voted for the top 20, while the # of people who post regularly is much smaller & the general speak I’ve heard here led me to believe OUATITW would have gotten more votes.

GBU is named as #1 : 39 times

OuTW : 28 times

FaFDM : 10 times

94 lists at the moment. On 34 lists when OuTW or GBU is the #1, then the other one is the #2.

OUATITW for me.


Unlike most posters here, I get more enjoyment out of OUATITW. I find GBU to be the more boring of the two, actually

I like both equally - both are epic in their story telling and they both should be highly regarded - I prefer For A Few Dollars More to these two movies but that is my preference.

Once upon a time in the West

The western of all westerns for me

Once Upon A Time In The West transcends genre.
Even people who don’t like Westerns love (or should) OUATITW.

For that, it has to go to OUATITW.

GBU…I have to be in a certain mood to watch OUATITW. I can pretty much always sit down and watch GBU.

But both are classic, superb movies.