The Good, the Bad and the Ugly / Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (Sergio Leone, 1966)

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No, not more than that one or the triello scene, or the scene with Tuco’s brother, or the scene which introduces Sentenza, or …
But the gunshop scene is not necessary for the story, but the film would suffer considerably by losing it. It is a prime example for Leone’s style and his story telling techniques.

I prefer btw easily the triello scene to the Ecstasy of Gold scene, also for the score.


Wasn’t the gunshop scene taken from Public Enemy?

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So, I think whoever has the new Kino disc, and has had a look at it inside/and/out could write an extensive review of it for the SWDb maybe? :slight_smile:

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There is one noir or gangster film form the 30s or 40s with a similar scene, but I’m not sure that it is Public Enemy, cause I can’t remember such a scene in it.
I think it was film from the late 40s, but maybe I’m wrong.

In the end Leone “stole” a lot of ideas from other films, maybe more than other directors, but mostly they look so fresh as he had invented them.


I got mine this week, and can confirm the quality of the ported bonus features is horrendous. Who greenlit this shit??

On a positive note, the mono track is very good.

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But the mono track, the real mono, not the fake mono, was already on the last MGM disc (aka as the piss one)


[quote=“stanton, post:578, topic:307”]
I’m not sure that it is Public Enemy[/quote]

Frayling claimed it was during his commentary track, but I haven’t seen that film yet to compare.

[quote=“stanton, post:580, topic:307”]
But the mono track, the real mono, not the fake mono, was already on the last MGM disc (aka as the piss one)[/quote]

Yep, but this one is 2.0, and that one was 1.0 if I recall.

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Another Overview, in German:

And folks, we should add more info to the SWDb, this page for example is a bit meagre:,_il_brutto,_il_cattivo,_Il/Details

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I don’t think that makes any difference does it?

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I love this picture, of Tuco sound asleep and Blondie about to push him over. Classic moment! <3

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Podcast review of TGtB&tU by the good folk at SuddenDoubleDeep along with reviews of another couple of pictures with “Good” in the title (that’s their thing: they look at three films at a time which share a word in the title). There are no new revelations but I find it interesting to hear a perspective on a gold-standard spag classic from other movie fans who aren’t spaghetti western aficionados or even necessarily western fans at all to any large degree. Besides, they’re nice people.

The.GBU portion of the podcast takes up the first 30 minutes or so.

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Blockquote Vincenzoni talks about it obviously with quite enthusiasm but the story sounds terrible: After 25 years Tuco is searching for Blondie and finds out he first became a mayor in some town and that he’s been killed. Then there’s his son or some relative who Tuco starts to follow hoping to find Blondie’s money. And then there’s twin brother of Angel Eyes too…

I’m just more worried about Tuco, honestly. But since he’s fine in A Dollar to Die For and Blondie is still bounty hunting in A Coffin Full of Dollars, I have nothing to worry about.

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Just to revisit this issue, as someone eon FB has asked. Which version(s) is/are the ones that Scorsese supervised?


Just discovered this version of the main theme and Ecstasy of Gold - I’ve been at two Morricone concerts, and this version beats the pants off the “easy listening” arrangement at those gigs.

Let’s hear your views

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They really enjoyed doing this, didn’t they?
I’ll get my chance for a live concert in January.