The Good, the Bad and the Ugly / Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (Sergio Leone, 1966)

(Stanton) #555

There are 2 versions on the Blu, which differ only for about 20 sec.

The first one is the usual faulty one taken from the Paramount master.

The 2nd one is taken from half hearted restoration realised by this Film Foundation. It was intended to represent the theatrical version, but it doesn’t.

I’m still not sure if there are really 2 complete versions on the Blu, cause Scorsese wanted the colors different, or it is only one with seguing done to insert the extra shots.

(SourNote2014) #556

I like it too, but the final 25 minutes or so of the film feel so much more epic in the extended cut because it’s taken a bit longer to get there, maybe it’s just me but in the shorter version I feel like I haven’t seen the whole journey by the end of the movie.

It felt like I’d seen the whole journey to me. There was no loss in the feeling that this character was taking me through his world. The film is still epic to me.

Then again, it really matters to me on a personal level because I saw a lot of the protagonist’s traits (determination, stubbornness, impetuousness, jumping to conclusions, quick temper, distractibility, garrulousness, enthusiasm) reflected in myself.

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It would be cool if it could top Amazon’s charts!

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Quite meticulous


I wonder if someone like Christopher Frayling would be authorised to oversee the Kino release.

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“instead of celebrating the overdue HD release of the theatrical cut, some have decided to nitpick.”

“The list of scenes people were going insane over was nothing new to us”

“in my opinion changing (the US DVD version) in anyway would be WRONG”

Wow. Referring to their potential customer base as mistaken, insane nitpickers. I bet Kino Lorber are absolute devils with the ladies, with that attitude. They must have to beat them off with a sh*tty stick. :slight_smile:

(Jonathan Howarth) #561

Fantastic film ! Got me into the genre

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The guy posts over at the SLWB as Jordan Krug. I think he’s a film editor by profession. His website has some other interesting stuff on it too and is worth a browse.

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August 15 is getting closer…

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New analysis of a lost scene in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

(Casey) #565

Just saw this one for the first time in about 5 years and I have to ask, is it possible this may be a vastly overrated Spag?! I was surprised at how slow it felt, and not in the deliberately precise way OUATITW is, but just kind of a messy, boring slog for about 45 minutes there in the middle third. Also, it seems I like Eastwood less and less as I get older. It may have to do with the fact that the more I know about his personal life (and his politics), the less I enjoy watching him act. But yeah, this is Eli Wallach’s movie for sure, and I also wish LVC had gotten a chance to have some more dialogue.

I had seen this a lot as a kid, and a few times as an adult, so I included it in my top 20 at #7 just as a rule of thumb mostly, but I don’t know if this is even in my top 10 anymore…

(Asa) #566

No. It’s highly likely your admitted increasing dislike of Clint Eastwood might be colouring your own opinion of the picture (and I understand that, btw: I’ve found James Cameron to be such an unlikeable prick in so many interviews it’s coloured how I see many of his films). It may also be that, irrespective of how you may feel about Mr. Eastwood, you just don’t care too much for TGtB&tU which of course is fine too. No movie on Earth is for absolutely everybody.

But The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is most certainly not being overrated. It really is one of the finest movies ever made.

For my part, I don’t especially care for Once Upon a Time in the West. I mean, I do like it but it just scrapes in to my own spag top 30. However I think it would be churlish of me to assume that everybody else is overrating it. I’m just not as keen as most, that’s all.

(Nick) #567

This is really interesting. I actually wish that this was kept in the final cut, it’s just the same information, but I like having Blondie and Angel Eye’s actually communicating a little more. I also like the ending of the scene, with the riders on the hill disappearing as soon as Blondie takes a second glance.

(Novecento) #568

Were you watching the “extended cut”? If you press “skip scene” on your remote as soon as the grotto scene appears you’ll probably enjoy it a lot more as it then becomes the “Leone cut”.


While I can’t deny GBU is an excellent film, it turns out I actually agree with Alex Cox sometimes:

Scenes are repetitive, slow and flat. Blondie and Tuco’s fixation on petty revenge and hangings seems very childish. The lengthy torture of Tuco by Wallace is boring.

(Casey) #570

My issue is actually more with the P.O.W. camp scene than with the Grotto scene. To me it adds nothing, especially since both of them get away anyways and come upon another civil war scene later (the battle). Another scene that bugs me is when Tuco is assembling the revolver while he holds up the shopkeeper, wayyyy too long and it ultimately serves little purpose.

I don’t always agree with Cox but I agree with him 100% here.

(Stanton) #571

It is exactly this scene which shows perfectly why GBU is such a masterpiece for me. In this scene the whole film is summoned up, this scene keeps the film’s DNA.

(Stanton) #572

Terrible scene, ,even worse than the Grotto scene, I’m glad it is not in the film. It would never, never ever be included in the Stanton cut (aka the Pope’s favourite version) of GBU, which unfortunately is not included on the new Blu.

I think it is just like the Rising scene in OUTW a “safety” scene. Shot to include in case audiences have trouble to follow the narrative.


Me too. I’ve always been intrigued to know what happened in this scene ever since I first saw the lobby card picture, but after reading that I’m glad it was left out. I’m actually starting to think that every scene Leone left on the cutting room floor was probably quite poor, the unnecessary torture extension, the grotto scene and now this all make me think every good scene is in the Italian cut.

(Novecento) #574

Wait… more than the “Ecstasy of Gold”?