The Good, the Bad and the Ugly / Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (Sergio Leone, 1966)


Doesn’t sound entirely off the mark to me, I certainly fell for it when I was kid.


Didn’t know that, any idea in what way exactly? I’m surprised he let the ‘Harmonica rising’ shots in.

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Without meaning to go off thread…why is the ‘Harmonica rising shot’ so significant, when it comes to Leone?


I think it’s because most people say it ruins the surprise when we see that Harmonica is still alive in the tavern scene.

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I may be wrong, but I suspect that this is more a case of portraying ‘Harmonica’ as a ghostly figure, rather than a mortal.

However: just so we don’t deviate. After all. this is a ‘GBU’ site…

Blondie’s original hat (from the into. to the ‘Desert Scene’) …I wonder what happened to it? Probably regarded as ‘just another prop’, and used for a few more Spegs.

As for ‘GBU’, I love it. Grotto scene, and all. It’s been almost five years since my last viewing, and that was with the cropped DNR version.
The last release (pee-yellow), will suffice, for now.


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:smile: I tried turning my TV’s saturation down and it helped a bit.

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it certainly helps to saturate the pee yellow.

Have a crackin’ night!

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His Film Foundation was involved in the restoration that was released on blu-ray.

What I find more annoying is that it destroys the beautiful transition from the shootout to the McBain family. Leone was a master of such transitions and few people get to appreciate this one anymore.

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Giusti lists 182mins. Presumably that includes the grotto scene if he’s going by the Rome premiere?

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I’m sorry but I don’t buy that colour timing comparison pic from Kino Lorber one bit. The second I saw it I thought, my MGM copy’s nowhere near as yellow as that. I’ve just stuck my copy in the blu-ray player (with NO pratting around with the colour settings), and my copy already looks like the right side of that image.

I’m not disputing they’re going to address the issue (although to be honest I like the MGM version, I think the colour timing really suits it), but I DO believe they’ve yellowed up the left side in those comparison pics.

(I will readily concede that that picture of my TV above makes the scene appear even less yellow when, in truth, that’s not the case. What I’m actually seeing on my screen is an image pretty-much the exact same colour as the right-hand side of the Kino Lorber comparison pic)

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Totally agree.

Kino Lorber is there, as any Company is, to make money. Of course it will tart around with images, in order to show a rival competitor’s product at its worst. In this case, it simply means they have boosted the pee yellow image.
Yet again, a tried and tested marketing ploy.
I’m not saying the pee-yellow version is perfect; simply that everybody has the option of adjusting their TV hand-set controls, to tone down the image to whatever suits the viewer. Simples.

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Could also be admission music, or stuff like that. Or a simple error. Most sources list the 178 min.

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Yes, it destroys that great transmission, but it is much worse than only that, it destroys a very bold narrative strategy.


Kino have announced a release date of August 22nd.

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A film almost three hours long is “rushed”? I personally like the pacing just the way it is. I think that everything about the shorter cut is perfectly suited to my tastes and it is extremely hard to find a film that does that.

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I’ve found it more effective for parts of the poor wretch’s beating to be remain unseen anyway. Leaving the rest to the imagination gives the viewer an emotional impact without having them be desensitized to the violence, in my opinion.

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You should quote what you wanted to response to with your answer. At the moment I don’t know where you are referring to.

Generally it is often confusing if one does not use the quote function. I always assume at first one is answering the post before.

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I’m referring to the torture scene in the Union camp.


Because while i don’t believe Harmonica is a ghost it’s a great idea that Leone threw in our heads anyway, that way he can sort of represent the spirit of his brother, and when he appears in the tavern it’s much more powerful because he comes out of nowhere almost as if he’s controlling the events and rhythm of the film like some kind of superior being. The rising shot ruins all that and the transition between the first and second scene.


You live and learn, cheers man

I like it too, but the final 25 minutes or so of the film feel so much more epic in the extended cut because it’s taken a bit longer to get there, maybe it’s just me but in the shorter version I feel like I haven’t seen the whole journey by the end of the movie.