The Football Thread

oh well, i reckon Manchester Utd will win the premiership, let’s just hope Chelsea beats them in the f.a. cup final!

I’m with you on that one mate.
As for me, I’m just relieved the O’s survived our relegation threat and get to play Leeds in the third division next year. I’ve got some Leeds fan mates who will not enjoy that at all.

Hi Phil
i weren’t too sure who the o’s are, i looke at the league one table and the only team starting with “o” is oldham and they are 6th so there was no relegation worries there.
pardon my ignorance :wink:

I’ll forgive your ignorance as we are not a big side. The O’s are Leyton Orient. The pride of East London. Well if you don’t include West Ham of course.

i’ve got a mate from Yorkshire who lives down here in London who supports LEEDS :smiley:

But when he first moved down he lived on the East London / Essex border, now he gives it all the shit that West Ham is his London team, carrying on last year about how they got to the F.A cup final from being in the championship to getting promoted this season, well, they may be on their way ack down again!

Well me being german, I think it is the best way to decide a close game. Especially since we normally win at it especially against english teams. 8)
I thought Pool was way better. I dont think milan will make it, they lack a good striker. With all the football i dont get to see some spaghettis.
By the way i hope chelsea is left with nothing. Like Schalke 04, the best thing was in 2001 when they were champion,

for 4 minutes only. haha brilliant. let´s hope for a good game tonight, and that my sopcast will work. cheers

i bet your sour because Chelsea beat Valencia :wink:

To be perfectly honest, I think that canizares beat valencia and not Chelsea. This is the problem i have with them. So many money and so many good players need to result in good football, but it doesnt. I liked them before abramovitsch(i dont care how he is written) with talents like robert huth. But now there arent many plaers with the heart. who of them is there for chelsea and not for the money.
But of course im sour, not much happens in football right now to my favour. cologne stays in second league with even more money than some teams in first league. And now milan in the final. they shouldn´t play CL at all.

P.S: I bet you are sour because chelsea sucks madly :wink:

They way i look at i is that i used to just think of winning each game because until a couple of years ago i’d never seen Chelsea win a season (remember the last season win was 50 years before!), looks like it’s gonna be 2nd in the league now because Man Utd are 5 points ahead with only 3 games to go.

What do you rekon on the champions league final, i think it will be a good game as Milan want revenge for losing the final to Liverpool 2 years ago!

I dont expect a final like 2 years ago, but we will see. This is impossible to repeat. But we will see, i dont have too many expectations for both finals. Uefa cup even worse. espanyol sucks at the league. It reallay is the cup of loosers as franz beckenbauer once said.

Chelsea drew with Arsenal 1-1 so the dirty fucking Mancs have won the league.

I always said Boulharouz was a liability, cos of him Chelsea conceded a penalty 1/2 way through the first half, Arsenal scored then Chels were down to 10 men.

Essien scored 1-1, shortly after Wright-Phillips scored to make it 2-1 and it was dissalowed. Cunts. >:(

Glory glory man united!! Well boulharouz left hamburg, and they had a terrible season. But I guess he wont get very happy in London(at least not with chelsea, there are a enough other clubs there for him to try), only when he looks at his paycheck, i guess.
Madrid won against sevilla and is now second, hopefully they dont make it further. But the german league is quite exciting(maybe as exciting as the dutch league was this season).
Schalke 65 p + 22 goals
Stuttgart 64 + 22
Werder Bremen 63 + 35
we´ll see

Do the scousers 'ave any chance against Kaka and company? I keep getting nightmares of Pirlo scoring while the Reds are watching the Brazilian.

FA Cup final day today lads.
As a neutral I just want to see a good game. But I’ll be backing Chelsea. They deserve something from this year.
Good luck Yodlaf!

[quote=“Phil H, post:74, topic:527”]FA Cup final day today lads.
As a neutral I just want to see a good game. But I’ll be backing Chelsea. They deserve something from this year.
Good luck Yodlaf![/quote]
Cheers Phil

just got back from the bookies, i’ve gone for 2-1 to the blues.

That’s a good bet. the bookies must really fancy United

[quote=“Phil H, post:76, topic:527”]That’s a good bet. the bookies must really fancy United[/quote]If the 2-1 score comes in the odds are 10/1.

Boooooooring, good thing, that schalke did not win the german championship. But this game sucks and does not deserve a winner. maybe it comes to penalties and no one scores, that would fit. And these shall be two of the finest teams in the world?

Not a great game but a good goal to decide it. Glad it didn’t go to penalties.
Congratulations Yodlaf. I’m glad the Blues won that one.

[quote=“Phil H, post:79, topic:527”]Not a great game but a good goal to decide it. Glad it didn’t go to penalties.
Congratulations Yodlaf. I’m glad the Blues won that one.[/quote]Cheers Phil
i was so pleased it was Drogba aswell because he had never scored against united and spoke about it pre-game that he really wanted to, good on him.
I also thought it was brave of Mourinho to sub Arjen Robben and put Ashley Cole in his place, a striker for a defender, you’d never expect it!

Everyone in the pub went crazy after the goal, you should have seen the faces of the 6 or so united fans in there.

2 out of 4 trophies isn’t bad in my opinion :wink: