The first spaghettiwestern you saw?

Do you recall the first glimpse you had of this wonderful filmgenre?

For me it was A Fistful Of Dollars on video back in the eighties, I’m in my thirties now.

Immediately I fell in love with these films and their unique style, but unfortunately, for many years most sw were very hard to get your hands on. Many were only available on used rental-tapes.

In recent years they have become much more easily available due to the DVD-format, which is wonderful :slight_smile:

But there are still loads of titles which I haven’t seen yet, which is exciting on the other hand.

Anyway, Fistful was my first and I still think it’s one of the best spaghettiwesterns made, and of course a milestone because it launched this whole particular genre.

I bought “Once upon a time in the West” on DVD. This was my first spag to see. I was blown away and bought many more and watched some on TV… This might be 2 to 3 years ago. I am so young… ;D

Have sw’s been shown many years on german television or just in recent years?

I think Tele5 was a big change in german tv, at least in showing westerns. But I never used to watch westerns before… maybe 2 years, but thats it. So I am kinda new…?! :wink: Ok, I am only a 19 old boy :wink:

You are a niño :wink:

Does anyone else know if sw’s have been shown before on Deutsches Fernsehen?

We got actually same topic here already:,170.0.html

The first spaghetti western i saw was For a few dollars more. I didnt know what a sw was at that time, think i was about 15 or something. Although i enjoyed westerns on the tv - everything from bonanza to black-and-white western films that was show - i particulary liked FFDM. It was some few years later(2 or 3 years ago), that i really got in to the genre. I bought Fistful, and thought it was ok. nothing spescial actually(i like it alot now though). But then i saw GBU and it blew me away(sounds stupid). I had to see more of the genre and bought the last one in the triology; FFDM. I recognised that it was the film i enjoyed so much as a kind.

Anyway, now im at a University in Norway studying filmhistory; writing essay about the sw(just now actually).

"We got actually same topic here already: "

Ok, I hadn’t noticed.

The firts SW I saw was The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, seven years ago when I was (only) 12. One of the best to start and to fall in love with the genre !
I’ve seen a lot since then but never enough of course ! There still a lot to discover and that’s part of the thrill :wink:

There are hundreds of spaghettis left to discover :slight_smile:

Wow its so long ago I would have to guess one of the dollars trio of movies.
I remember oh so well though back in the late seventies as a teenager my buddy and I would get up at 1 or 2 or 3 in the am to watch whatever SW the one channel out of four we got was running…they were just so cool and went against the grain of the "traditional westerns"plus the fact our parents hated them lol…fond memories and it resulted in my getting hooked on SW’s since.


For a Few dollars more - when I was a kid, maybe still in elementary school. Watched it with my father in a cheap theatre in my country Indonesia (most of the audience were smoking, so imagine you could feel Manco and Mortimer’s smoke). It was in the 1980s approx. well, might be rather strange but indeed, some spaghetti westerns were getting re-runs in Indonesia those days.

My first one was “Once Upon A Time In The West” I bought on DVD, or, if this one counts: I remember “My Name Is Nobody” to be one of my favourite films in childhood ;D

“The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”.

For a few dollars more

The first i saw was The Good,the bad and the ugly.

i was 10 or 11 i’m 33 now.

I watched it because my hero was in it “Clint Eastwood”

My first was ‘For A Few Dollars More’, second ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’, suprisingly my third was ‘The Great Silence’ - even if I did some channel surfing when it was on (How stupid was i back then?)

i watched death walks in laredo at least once a day as a child in my fathers video store and i still love that movie

It seems majority of us has seen one of the Leone films first. But do you remember what was the first non-Leone spaghetti you saw and what did you think of it?
For me it was God Forgives… I don’t. At the time I thought it was ok but I’ve grown to love it more and more. It was also first Hill & Spencer film I saw so I wasn’t familiar with their comedies. Now it’s one of my favorites. And still I haven’t yet seen it uncut or in widescreen. That’ll be amusing day!

I think Django was my first non-Leone sw.