The first spaghetti western you saw

Inspired by Fistful of Dollars topic here, I’d like to hear what was the first spaghetti western you ever saw and what was your opinion about it.

I saw Duck you Sucker! on tv. I was watching some other movie but during the commercials I switched to DYS and after few minutes I forget the other movie. I remember thinking how this was completely different to anything I ever seen before: stylized, slow-paced, wonderful music…

Hmmm. I think it was Once upon a time in the west. I saw the DVD in the store and something in me forced me to buy it :wink: Then I watched it and was kinda amazed. It wasn’t a movie. It was an opera. It was followed by GBU…

I am not sure but i think it was a Fistfull when i was 10 or 11, also Trinity 1&2. Good souvenirs

of dollars or of dynamite?

of dollars, in my area Fistfull of dynamite’s name was Once Upon a Time… the Revolution
i forgot the title change

It was “Trinity 2”, followed by “God forgives…I don’t” and “Once upon a time in the west”, when I was a child. I didn’t know the difference between american and spaghetti westerns, at that time. ::slight_smile: :-[

It was the good the bad and the ugly and I remember that I saw it when I was a kid and that the music afraid me :o :o[move][/move]

I saw Leone´s westerns long before my obsession with SpWe´s began but the “first” one I saw apart from the Leone´s was Any Gun Can Play with George Hilton.

My first SW was Once upon a time in the West,then there was GBU and now I love these movies :wink:

i was a kid and it was The Good the Bad & the Ugly
i was kinda surprised 'cause it was so different than other West films for me and i really liked it
now i love it

I remember as a kid glued to the TV watching most of the old 50’s Westerns my favorites were, Have Gun Will Travel, Sugarfoot, Lawman, Rawhide, Rifelman, etc. I saw the occasional Western in the theater, the ones I can name were The Alamo, and the one I thought was the coolest at the time Nevada Smith. Then My cousin Pauly and I went to a western instead of the Monster Flicks we usually went to it was For A Few Dollars More it was probably (1967), and it just blew us away, literally.

At the time it was assumed by me that it would never get on TV, so Imust have gone to every showing in the next couple of years (it had multiple showing sometimes double billed with Fistfull and tripple billed with GBU and I litteraly memorized the films. :wink:

Never been the same since, lol.

it would have been the good, the bad and the ugly. in hindsight, it was long ago when i was a kid that i saw it…and i couldnt really tell the difference between an AM and a SW, but i could tell a lot of the aesthetic values in it suited my tastes more than say “the searchers” or those john wayne type films. I liked the GBU’s raw and ruggedness. years later i would see once upon a time in the west, and the rest of leone’s films. and more recently got into films like the great silence, and django, etc. Im loving them.

I KNOW IT WAS A CLINT EASTWOOD FILM ALTHOUGH IM NOT SURE WHICH ONE,MOST LIKELY THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY.what a start huh?MY FIRST NON_LEONE WAS DEATH RIDES A HORSE,like most people who get in to spag westerns i started out with lee van cleef’s movies.

well, my first non-Leone was Django

My first Non Leone was probably “The Big Gundown” followed by “Death Rides A Horse”.

hmm, i think my first spaghetti western was a Spencer/Hill film.

My first was The Good The Bad and The Ugly…a friend of mine was telling me how he bought the special edition dvd…and I remember being quite cynical about westerns (like a lot of people having mainly seen the boring american ones) but I watched it and simply loved it…I went out the next day and bought the entire dollars trilogy on dvd and then bought Once Upon A Time In The West a couple weeks later…my first non-leone western was Django…then after that I think it was My Name Is Trinity…

My love for the genre started with the comic Durango.
After that I was interested in the Spaghetti westerns and started with OUATITW. Then the dollar trilogy, mostly rented on tape (I am seaking of 15 to 20 years ago sais grandfather ::slight_smile: )
Slowly other movis followed. In those days RTL+ (german televesion) had weekly a western programmed. Nowadays there is sporadically a spaghetti wester on tv and I have a small collection on tape and starting to buy on DVD.

Again, I have searched the bottom of a section and found this the most intersting to bring back to the light. My first spaghetti experinece was the good the bad and th ugly.

My first was For a Few Dollar More but I didn’t like it much the first time I saw it. Then I saw Fistful of Dollars and loved it, I saw FAFDM again and loved it as well.