The Executioner of God / Il giustiziere di Dio (Franco Lattanzi, 1973)

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Not so easy to find SW, anyone seen?

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Not even in the database! Here’s the link:,_Il

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Thanks for sharing! And welcome to the forum!

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I’ve got this, in Italian I think. It’s abysmal, a real waste of William Berger’s talent.

Considering Lattanzi also made the equally piss-poor (but at least more entertaining) Tiger from the River Kwai, it shouldn’t surprise anyone how bad this is.

Berger became a priest after accidentally killing his son (if I remember correctly) but is forced to take up the gun again.

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Anyone know of a dvdr or VHS of this?

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A few screenshots from the good version available on YouTube (Italian audio only)

Unfortunately the movie is considerably less good and falls into the Batzella/Crea/Merighi category, but we knew that… :wink:

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Thanks for the tip, good version indeed of this rarity. Didn’t get much of the plot though because of the italian audio but watched it anyway. I was expecting Berger to have only small role in the Third Day Arrived the Crow-style but he really has the leading part. Film had a kinda interesting ending but otherwise there wasn’t much to get excited about.

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Thanks to the plot summary on the Italian database I was able to follow this somewhat, I think :slight_smile: In Lattanzi’s 3 westerns there is one actress, Giovanna Mainardi, credited in all 3, Nuccia Cardinali in 2, this one and Tiger from the River Kwai, and Nicola Mozzillo in this one and Six Bounty Killers. The only actress I can find in both is

@JonathanCorbett, am I missing something? When you were researching Clara Hopf, did you find any connections to this name?

as Yara Kewa in Apache Woman, as Clara Hope in Hallelujah to Vera Cruz

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Nicola is the Italian form of Nicholas: variants are Niccolò and Nicolò, the feminine form is… Nicoletta!

Mozzillo and Gianni Cardillo are two possibilities for Lord, the sixth bounty hunter (see When the Devil Holds a Gun thread).

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OK good! I’ve edited the cast in the DB, would you mind checking those and updating the roles?

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Done! Goliath is little Tom’s uncle, so in all probability he’s intended as Mainardi’s brother.