The Dirty Outlaws / El desperado (Franco Rossetti, 1967)

(El Topo) #41

Saw this one in the afternoon

Solid Sw well filmed, but I wasn’t most impressed with it, the acting it’s not good (both the actresses are just pretty) A. Giordana sincerely does not convince me that much as a bad guy turn good, the story it’s very implausible even for an SW (I could be blind death or mute but would always recognize a son of mine), one think that I really dislike it’s those small comic reliefs in very dramtic films like this one, they spoiled the film IMO.
But apart from that it does got that SW grinta with some nice shooting and fights, and a lot of mud (the actors must have been paid extra)
My daughter weak up in the last 20m of the film was if still a little sleepy, she saw those final minutes with me so I guess this the first Sw we have seen together, she really payed attention when the bad guy was shoot in the head ;D
Civil war SW rarely work, it’s a type of film that only works in classical western, they normally need a more acurate historical approach that Sw do not provide.
In any case a 3 out of 5 at least it’s nice to watch,

(kit saginaw) #42

Just saw it a few minutes ago. -Very entertaining. I’ve learned to overcome Civil War quirks because it was an expansive affair with a myriad of side-stuff happening that nobody wrote about.

Yeah, Flanagan (Piero Lulli) should’ve realized that Blasko (Andrea Giordana) wasn’t his son. But we saw that Flanagan’s nursemaid, who never met his son, realized that Giordana was faking it. Secrets-between-characters that the audience knew about, was a key element through-out.

And I liked the scene where the piano-player, who was angry that the brawl interrupted his song, actually tried to finish it while fist-fighting.

Gianni Ferrio’s score is excellent. The theme (sung by John Balfour) rates equal with 1972’s Desperado, by Alice Cooper. Both blow-away the Eagles’ sappy, crybaby song of the same name.

The film’s action is logical in its own reality. But the outlaws lacked a sort-of charisma, which the script should’ve provided by giving them unique dialogue.

(Gritz) #43

Does anyone have the Savoy(Intergroove) release? Would love to hear how the quality is? I don’t own the Wild East Disc but have have a rip of it and would love to get a physical copy.

(Hornet) #44

I watched this one today. Quite entertaining movie. Love the soundtrack!! Is it possible to get hold of? Mp3 or cd?

As for the DVD release, it looks quite good, but I watched it on a dvd player through a Scart/AV cable, not HDMI. So maybe it looked more blurry than it would have, I don’t know. But good enough for me. I haven’t seen the Wild East version, though…

(Salty Jim) #45

Just watched it! I found it enjoyable, although for my taste it looses in many parts. Such things are like the lack of blood when the two soldiers are shot in the back or generally when people are shot, or the six-shooters, that at the beginning have unlimited bullets, but at the end (at the duel if you want to call it so) have not enough! :stuck_out_tongue:
The plot takes a while to be introduced, but when it does it catches your attention.
A lot of takes are quite tasty and stylishly made and the violence is what I’m waiting from a SW!
I found the fistfight in the saloon one of the best, if not the best, scenes of it’s kind. It was violent with wonderfully gruesome punches, but also comical! I couldn’t prevent myself from laughing with the pianist!!! He continued playing while behind him was the absolute chaos and he even knocked a guy out when he interrupted him!!! ;D

But al in al a nice SW. 3/5

P.S.: And about the old man: What the heck? Couldn’t he recognise his own son from his voice??? Come on! There are other blind guys out there in the Italian West that can shoot a bird in the eye only by hearing!!! :wink:

(Stanton) #46

Of course not recognising his son is very unrealistic. It’s a sloppy premise we have to buy if we want to watch the whole film.

(scherpschutter) #47

Finally watched this, one of the better ones that were still on my to watch list


Not a real masterpiece, but a good spagh with some original touches:

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I’d love to read your review, scherp, but the database seems not to be working at the moment. Well, at least for me.

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I think Seb is working on the lay-out

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Working again

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Nice! Great writing, scherp, as usual. :slight_smile:

(Michael Baker) #52

Did anyone else notice the reference to Red Rock in this one? Tarantino is a fan of this film and I can only think he used/borrowed the name for The Hateful Eight.


I don’t remember the reference (haven’t seen this one for a couple of years) but he probably did knowing Tarantino films. The Hateful Eight (to me at least) seemed to be The Great Silence, Shoot the Living… and Cutthroats Nine being thrown into a blender, so it’s not a stretch to think he took elements from this film and other spags as well.

(David ) #54

Didn’t enjoy this one that much. Boring music, unsatisfying story and the revenge never reaches climax. The ending scene with the old “You have no bullets, or do you? there’s one bullet, or? Haha Tricked you!”-cliché was also a bit disapointing. 2/5 for me.


It’s really strange but this is another really low budget spag (which are spags that I usually hate) that’s in my top 20 and will probably never leave. It’s one of my favourite westerns, spaghetti or otherwise.