The Dirty Outlaws / El desperado (Franco Rossetti, 1967)

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Got a decent release by Wild East recently. How is the film? I haven’t seen it yet, what are your comments?

I have the dvd but haven’t seen the film yet, I’ll post my opinions later :wink:

Now I’ve seen it.

I found the story a bit weak, but other than that it was a decent solid spaghettiwestern. Not so visually stylized perhaps, but well-made anyway.

Nice cast, great music, and pretty grim atmosphere.

Well worth a look.

can you write a dvd review?

Yes I will do that, but if so I think I should watch the film once more, so I won’t write it right away.

I liked it, especially the grim atmosphere as Silvanito has mentioned. The movie also contains some brutality, for instance the killing/torturing of several people !!! Andrea Giordana is great once again.

Is the WildEast dvd uncut ?

Yes the dvd is uncut, and looks perfect.

Btw, on which format did you watch the film?

I own the old vhs tape and unfortunately it’s slightly cut. Would it be worth to get the WE dvd ???

I haven’t seen the cut version, but the dvd is very nice, perfect picture and sound quality!

I also have the Wild East dvd and wasn’t expecting too much but i really enjoyed it.
Looking forward to “Reason to live, reason to die / Massacre at fort holman”

Finally getting around to watching this one now. I passed on it for so long as it seemed like a particularly unknown film.

It is a very interesting film with a great muddy ghost town as it’s main bachdrop. Awkwardly structured as half seems like some sort of heist, then it goes into a miniature revenge theme. Small scale film with catchy music yet unlikeable anti hero. Not bad but not great.

I’m in 100% agreeance with you at the moment. I’m 30 minutes in and nothing has really grabbed me although the plot point of the “good guy” taking over the dead man’s identity and ingratiating himself on his blind father is a nice touch. A lingering, somewhat Gothic atmosphere, although the fights are kind of bad as usual.

I especially like the flick because of Andrea Giordano. Unfortunately he did’t appear in a lot of SWs.

Yes, I’m a fan of Giordana too

Oops, his name is Giordana, of course.

Unfortunately I haven’t seen Cost of Dying yet. Hard to get round here…

This is possibly one of these minor classics for me. At least it had some substance and was entertaining all through.

Recommended 4/5

I didn’t really like this movie. The only character I liked was Lulli’s blind man. The scene where the thugs torture him in the mud was the best sequence out of the whole movie. The remainder after that was pretty good, too, but not as good as this particular sequence as a whole, IMO. I did get a kick out of the poetic justice during the closing minutes.

Lulli is always a safe bet. I can’t remember a bad role he played.

And I don’t recall seeing him as a good guy too often, either. The only other time I can think where he played a sizable good guy role was in TRIUMPH OF HERCULES (1964).