The Devil Was An Angel 1967 Sergio Bergonzelli

Haven’t been able to find any other threads about this one, which is a very odd film to be sure. I’ve found it on a PAL import by Simpel Movie and get a kick out of it. Nice “whistling guy wandering across the plains” soundtrack and a Civil War motif crossed with Zapatistas, big lead role for George Wang who is quite capable. I am also a Luciano Cattenacci (Max Lawrence) fan, so there you go. I’m wondering if SM’s aspect ratio is correct at 1:85:1 anamorphic, most of these are 2:35:1 … The film also has that big squarish building from FIND A PLACE TO DIE, always fun to see it turn up from time to time.

One question – who the heck is/was Bob Henry? He looks like the custodian from our elementary school and has no other screen credits at IMDb. He looks like he’s about 6’5", way tall. Did they just notice him passing through the airport one day and say “Hey, do you want to be in a movie? We need someone tall with an American sounding name. You can even wear your own clothes.”

Here it is :stuck_out_tongue:,1511.0.html
There was even a link at the database page

well lets go ahead and delete this thread then, sorry.

Going boldly where no man had gone before, I came across this stray thread during my voyages of exploration into the infinite vastness of the forum. :flying_saucer: Here are new links to the film’s database page and its thread. :rocket: