The complete Sartana Collection (BluRay, Arrow Video)

(Søren) #102

Yep. Collectors are crazy. A copy of A Fistful of Trailers went for something like $400 a year or two ago and that’s just a plain trailer compilation.

(Rutledal) #103

I’d gladly sell my Day of Anger disc if someone wants to pay $100 for it :joy::joy:


Ballad for a Gunman is going for well over £400 on Amazon right now.

(Søren) #105

Going for but not selling for. Amazon used shit prices are very often out of contact with reality :slight_smile:

(Søren) #106

A copy sold yesterday for $52.99 on so that is probably a more reasonable value assessment :slight_smile:

(kevenz) #107

$130 plus shipping means $150 for a dvd.

no movie in existence is worth that much money.

even $50 is way too much for a single movie.

(Søren) #108

The same argument could be had with collectors of virtually anything :slight_smile: The item is worth whatever someone is willing to pay.

(Phil H) #109

True. And for the collector it’s not the film that is important really. It is completing the set.


Wild East’s Matalo is on eBay for £50 right now. If I liked the film I’d probably be tempted.


These sound like 2nd hand 16mm prices we’re talking … not a fluppin’ DVD !

I suppose you could always hang on to it and double your investment in a few years ?

(kevenz) #112

I guess 50 bucks isn’t much for you guys who seem to spend 200 dollars per week on movies :slight_smile:

The thing with movies is you only watch them maybe once every 5 years so I can’t justify a big price.

(Søren) #113

No 50 bucks is definitely too much for a movie I actually agree. 50 bucks for a collector’s item of whatever sort… Hmmm… That is something entirely different. 1000 bucks is also too much for sending a single letter but you see people buying a single stamp and paying just that. And it might not even be valid for sending a letter anymore :slight_smile:

I have said often that collectors are insane and I’ll stick with that :slight_smile:


I suppose these well off insane people could be doing worse things with their money / or better … at least it’s a pretty innocuous hobby.

I’d still pick up old VHS with nice covers (at the right price) even though I’ve no intention of watching a pan scan Fuzzavision version.

So, there’s quite a bit of insanity, with a variety of levels on site :rofl:


Did anyone notice that in Sartana’s Here…, Sabbath’s name is switched to Sabata in the subs version? I wonder if that was supposed to match up continuity-wise. I know Lee Van Cleef’s Sabata was not only inspired by Sartana, but it was also Parolini, so I guess it would make sense.

(Andy) #116

I am insane but I am not “well off.” :rofl:

(Andy) #117

I just watched the extremely touching interview with Gianfranco Parolini. Despite his advanced years, he seems very lively and young at heart (which he talks about in the interview). I enjoyed him talking about Italy during the war and his wife and other things. Not much was said about Sartana besides some comments about Garko and some of the other cast members. It was entertaining and I even laughed out loud (with him) at some points. There’s only 2500 copies of this set so if you love Sartana movies and love hearing from the people involved and commentaries you really should shell out the money for it. I am only on the first disc and can tell it is well worth the price tag.

(The Man With a Name) #118

That’s the beauty of a site like this. We’re all united in a common mental illness. :slight_smile:

(The Man With a Name) #119

Yep, five copies of Keoma here. Sometimes I look at my shelf and ask myself, “what the hell is wrong with you?”


I have five copies of Zombi 2. It wouldn’t be like this if distributors didn’t all have great exclusive extras.

(The Man With a Name) #121

Nothing to do with extras for me, I just wanted to have the different VHS covers.