The complete Sartana Collection (BluRay, Arrow Video)


I’d agree … we’re not as numerous as one might expect - for example, a certain site, which will remain nameless Please (a phenomenal resource for rare SW material ) regularly has customised dubs and fan subbed titles turn up … and in the case of full DVDs, has only an average of 30 snatches per title … and this stuff is free !

Personally speaking, £49.99 was a lot for me to spend, but I’m glad I did … so not everyone’s budget allows them to buy everything they’d wish to have.

Another thought is, BD seems to be in a transition period, with Ultra HD creeping in, so maybe that’s a factor too, that people are worried about buying a format that ‘could’ be on it’s way out ?

Also … it was only released just over a month ago. :smile: I’m sure it will eventually sell out and become mega valuable on ebay. Remember once you’ve finished watching, to put your Sartana Box Set in the vault !

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I doubt that we will see much classic genre cinema on Ultra HD to be honest. Not much besides the ultra new movies and some random classic titles are released. I see dvd as a greater enemy to the blu-ray format as many people including many spaghetti westerns fans have never taken the leap to blu-ray at all.


The Sartana films just aren’t very popular outside the spaghetti community. Although I see quite a few people have blind bought this set, which is great.


Interesting … it took me a while to make the jump also - but there’s no turning back once you do. :smiley: …. unless it’s a Fidani movie, in which case you’re better staying with lo-fi

(Sebastian) #86

Agree with that as well. Lots of folks hang on to legacy formats - for a variety of reasons. And yes, while the box is certainly worth every cent, it might bust some folks’ quarterly budget or more at the expense of other purchases that might be more spouse- or family friendly

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exactly ! I regulary visit a french spaghetti western forum and most people here refuse to buy blu rays because it’s too expensive and dvds look perfectly fine for them.

It took me a while also but once you get used to 1080p hd movies… it’s a bit hard to watch dvds after.

(Sebastian) #88

yea I am reading that BS a lot but who are we do play missionaries… :slight_smile:


The first VHS tape I bought was a Roxy Music concert from 1982 … that 60 minute tape cost nearly £40 … that’s an insane amount of money to pay for tape, and that was 36 years ago … so, look at that in relation to the cost of BDs today.

DVDs were also really expensive when they first appeared, and have dropped in price over the 20 years or so they’ve been around - Of course I’d like to pay less for BDs, and I find the marketing by ‘specialist’ retailers, selling older titles as limited editions at very high prices rather unethical … but it’s a business, and that’s how it works.

How many of us have 50 or more movies, in which ever format, that they’ve yet to watch ??? I’m guilty! … I’m a hoarder! … for example, I’ve had all David Lean’s major films on DVD for more than 10 years and I’ve never gotten around to watching any of them … the last time I saw them was on VHS :rofl:

(The Man With a Name) #90

I’m somewhere in between when it comes to the whole DVD Vs Blu-ray argument. There’s some films that I am happy with on DVD and don’t really feel the need to upgrade. If it’s one of my favourites, I’m obviously going to pick the Blu-ray but when I think of the standard movies I have on DVD, I don’t really see the point.


That’s the problem right there … I have way too many favourites. :smile:

I sort of got lost trying to make my point earlier … if I were sensible about it ( which I’m not! ) I could say, you have 20 all time favs … so by all means, go out and upgrade - but it never ends … tastes change and new tempting titles come along.

(Phil H) #92

Guilty as charged.
In fact I’m willing to bet you and I have the same David Lean box set. I’ll get to it one day.

As for the whole Bluray vs DVD thing, I pretty much only buy Blus now but only upgrade for spaghettis, very rarely for anything else. Cinema Paradiso was an exception. The Bond box set was another. I’m still happy enough with most of the DVDs I have so don’t feel the need to upgrade but always try and support Spaghetti releases. Especially UK ones.

And to be honest, the cost thing on Blus has become less and less a problem. In the shop I usually buy from the majority I can get for £6 each. New releases aside. Most DVD releases of the same films will be a fiver so no major difference and I may as well go for the higher res. I appreciate this may be different in other countries but the UK is pretty good in this regard.

(loempiavreter) #93

Finally it took them a while to release a nice complete Sartana box. Haven’t seen this films in a while, and after watching them all back to back I have to say that I really enjoy the first 4 a lot (also the one with Hilton… arguably the worst of the 4, but still a pretty great spaghetti western… and Charles Southwood is rad as Sabbath). I thought the last two Sartana’s where the ones that people liked the best, no? I have to go against the grain here, but I really enjoyed the first one the best.

For me it had the best antagonists (Morgan with his bell boots and Lasky as double crossing and over the topped played by william berger, it’s darker, it’s my favorite incarnation of Sartana (grey waistcoat, 5 o’ clock shadow, youngest Garko. But even with the noticeable smaller budget (the out of town scenery was shot shit location), it has one of the best film craft imo next to the 4th one. There’s cool transitions (the mexican general punching into air which turns into a POV shot of his fist punching Sartana, from his imagination to reality, the giallo-lightning end fight). I really think our kid, Frank Kramer done a terrific job and glad everything was planned ahead with the cast before he put one of his circus mojo jojo’s into it (which is what i hate from the Sabata movies) and make it look like some slapstick trash (yes, im both praising and downtalking the director).

The second is the same vain, might have the dankest roster of Sartana villains (Hot Dead, Shadow, Deguejo), the opening with the bankrobbery feels like a Shaw Brothers movie because of the silly but rad uniforms of the bankguards (especially one from the venom crew, something like flag of iron with the gang fight at the start of the movie). But film craft wise, i’d have to say the worst. Location got a tad bit better, but for me shot and edited in the most boring way of the series. Still I count it as my top 3 Sartana’s because of the characters, tone and good ol’ Sartana style double crossings.

Third one, I feel is the weakest in the box. Do love the characters though Manta’s gang, Fossit brothers, Sabbath… but even so not Sartana 1-2 level of rad (except Sabbath). I dunno if it’s the print, but I doesn’t inspire me film craft wise, drab colors, locations meh. I feel it’s the weakest of the Sartana’s. And I while George Hilton looks like a perfect Sartana fit with his 5 o’ clock stubble, he plays him to much like a Don Juan, a tad bit to smooth. Garko he ain’t.

The fourth is the best, film craft wise, great cinematography, the right zooms, POV shots, gambling house colors. But just the most boring character wise. The Piggot Outlaws had a chance to establish some rad lookin’ mean mandems. But not enough characterization was given. The story is up there though imo indeed one of the better backstabbin’ storylines of Sartana.

Last one is just too bonkers for me. Too silly, silly gadgets, boring enemies, Only our kid ‘Grand Full’ is kinda badman. Even Sartana looks to goofy for my taste. Everything else is middle of the road for me. Kinda competes with the George Hilton one as the worst Sartana for me.

So what’s the general consensus on the best/favorite Sartana’s over here?


The first is by far my favourite. Despite its terrible sandpit locations and unmemorable music score, It’s in my top 10 spaghetti westerns.

It’s Lasky he punches :+1:

(loempiavreter) #95

Oh yes, the soundtrack of the first one is middle of the road (not bad though, but hardly one you whistle 2 days later out of the blue, the 4th one has the best soundtrack imo).

(morgan) #96

Forever is a mighty long time, so I have ordered the box. But these films are not really my bag. Admittedly, they have their moments, and I like some of the scores. It might be nice to watch them in good quality though, even if I don’t think they will improve in rating with me. The first one probably is within my top fifty or sixty or so, and maybe the fourth. By the way, three of them are tagged alternative top 20 on the SWDb, but only one of them seems to be in that list.


Who needs the Arrow set when you can get this for $129?

(Phil H) #98

That would probably be because 3 were once on the list but a couple have since dropped out. I should probably update those. Thanks for the heads up.


Plus $18.70 postage !!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I must have been snoozing for the last few years, but when did postage costs start going through the roof ?


It would’ve been a better idea to list this before the Arrow set was announced.

(Phil H) #101

You’d think so but I guess these Wild East discs still appeal to collectors. I noticed the other day that the WE Day of Anger is still being listed for over $100.